Offseason Grades after week 5. Jags Get an A+

We grade offseason moves way to quickly in the NFL. So I didn’t I did my best to withhold judgement, in written form, until I had seen enough to effectively evaluate moves. Well guess what, it has been 5 weeks of solid NFL play and I have my verdicts. Let’s fly.
Jacksonville Jaguars: A+. Seriously this team stacked themselves on defense this offseason. Focusing on one specific player though Calais Campbell. Campbell has been an absolute game wrecker this year. With 23 tackles and 6 sacks already this season he is on track for a career year. Campbell is two sacks away from being the leagues leader in the stat line, Demarcus Lawrence currently leads the league with 8.5, Campbell has been the best offseason signing by far. He should also be considered a sneaky contender for defensive player of the year. He is a game wrecker. The Jags also added AJ Bouye who has been a lock down corner this year. With 7 passes defensed and two interceptions. Bouye has turned the Jags into a lock down defense in the passing game. It is the difference between this year’s Jags and last year’s Jags, this year the pass rush has enough time to get to the QB.

Kansas City Chiefs A-. What you may ask? Drafting Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes hasn’t even seen the field in the regular season and that is because the man who he will some day take over for is playing the best ball of his career. No one quite knows why Alex Smith is doing so well, it might be an improved line, a stunning third round steal who leads the league in rushing in Kareem Hunt, or it might just be the fact Smith saw which way the wind was blowing, towards youth, and is battling it with the ease of a veteran sailor to prevent his career from capsizing.
Houston Texans B+. This is all about drafting Deshaun Watson. It could be a mirage, it certainly doesn’t feel like one though. The Houston Texans look to have found there elusive franchise signal caller. Yes they had to trade up and lost valuable draft picks next year but hey you made your team better and Cleveland worse, more on the Browns later, good on you Texans!
Philadelphia Eagles B. The Addition of Alshon Jeffery helped so many people. Carson Wentz has a deep target that he can use to stretch the field and throw to guys underneath. Which is how he has used Jefferies the stat lines don’t show it but Jeffery has had a great year thus far for the Eagles.
New England Patriots B-. Has Brandin Cooks made the New England offense a super power that makes the rest of the league irrelevant? No. That was assuming, however, that Tom Brady would have time to throw the ball down the field this year and not be constantly waxed by line backers and defensive line men. Cooks has done ok considering the circumstances with 314 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Patriots should have focused more on offensive line play and defensive pieces though.

Tennessee Titans C-. The Titans brought in weapons in Eric Decker and rookie Corey Davis to stretch the field for Marcus Mariota, they have done the exact opposite. This offense is the same as last year, maybe even worse because they can’t seem to run the ball as well. Short 10 to 15 yard passes and WR screens with the occasional deep bomb once a game. Decker and Davis have combined for a measly 211 yards. That’s pitiful, the only reason the grade isn’t lower is the fact they have not had Marcus Mariota for all five games.

Cleveland Browns D. What saves the Browns here, from getting an F, is that David Njoku and Myles Garrett have looked ok this year. Everything else that they did this offseason has seemingly made them worse. Though they spent a lot of money on the Offensive line the Browns have had one of the bottom ten lines in the year thus far. That certainly doesn’t help a rookie passer who is being benched after fiveweeks really through no fault of his own, Deshone Kizer has no running game no wide receiver’s and no line. The second of those three is the most glaring. The Browns, for as much as they have been hailed, couldn’t bring themselves to sign more than one receiver in Kenny Britt and that receiver has been an utter disappointment. It feels like the same old Browns and while I get you must be patient with this rebuild but at some point, you have to see the tiniest of results and we haven’t three years into it.

New Orleans Saints F-. This is purely for the Adrian Peterson signing. The signing itself wasn’t awful but what they did after was. Think about it you have just signed a guy you still think is a top ten player in the league, so obviously the correct move is to draft a running back in the third round right? Idiots, what were you thinking? Not only have you now created a running back by committee scenario but you’ve pissed off AP who you know needs most of the carries to get going. He is a rhythm runner, he always has been. So then you publicly say its RB by committee piss off all day more and create a total cluster you know what for yourselves. What were you thinking?




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