One Year notes + Sharing tips

Hey guys,

Want to start off by thanking you all for the work you’ve all done as we near our one year anniversary as a company. I love running this with you guys and you all play a crucial role in our longevity in which I’m very confident in. Our network on Twitter has grown tremendously with our core accounts having almost 17,000 followers. I’m looking forward to the growth of us as we expand and make an even bigger name for ourselves in the second year.

As football fades and the baseball season is fast approaching I thought it would be a good time to go over some things moving forward. I’ll just make a bulleted list of some notes and then transition into the sharing portion.

  • A question I get a lot is about the lack of organization in writing tasks and topics. The concept of breaking down into categories works for some operations but with our limited amount of authors, It is best to allow the authors to focus on their passions, this way we don’t limit ourselves. Before opening PSF I wrote a little but for FantasyPros, my topic was just the Phillies. That is it. Not even being a Phillies fan, I ended up writing dozens of pieces that even bored me to write and I’m sure the readers as well. Allowing writers to pursue their passions and focus on what they know and care about is the ideal setting for us in my opinion.
  • Regarding pay, it is hard for me to keep track of who is owed what. If you hit a 1,000 view mark and I miss it, please let me know and I’ll have you set up most likely in a few hours. Also regarding pay, as we grow bigger we, of course, compile more revenue. Most revenue still comes from the Twitter pages but the ads on the site are still prevalent. With the recent additions of a new sponsor, the pay will go from $2 per 1,000 to $2.50 As we grow so will this number as we accumulate more of a revenue stream and acquire more sponsors. Now that I’ve finally overcome the investment put in, things should go much smoother too.
  • Another note regarding roles, we are always looking for more authors. If you have a friend or someone that you think would be interested, feel free to give me their contact and I’d love to reach out to them. Also, If anyone is interested in taking on a larger role, whether that is becoming a site editor or even possibly creating their own Twitter account under us, please let me know and I’d love to discuss with you.
  • Another payment opportunity is providing leads for sponsors of the site. If you give me the information to a company that you believe may be interested in partnering with us the reward is 20% of whatever deal is agreed to. If you have any leads, just let me know. Thanks

I believe that is all before I get to the post sharing section. If you guys have any questions at all, please fire away, I’d love to talk with any of you guys. Once again, thanks for all you guys do, I couldn’t do it without you.

Now to the sharing that was brought up by Eric in the Twitter group chat.

Obviously, a critical aspect of us is generating website views. When I post the articles on Twitter like always that generally produces most of our views but it isn’t the only way of sharing and promoting. Before I get started, this is optional for you guys, if you would rather not do this and keep chugging as you have been then that’s perfect, this is just something if you want to expand the potential of any given post…

A few great ways of promoting are via Facebook and Reddit. We’ve had plenty of success when using these before and if we collectively can be active, I could see us soaring.

If any of this is confusing to you, DM me and I’ll go over it to meet your more personal needs and help set you up…

Promoting via Facebook groups

Because I’m sure seeing this instead of reading this is easier, below will be a link to a video showing you how to set it all up.

Here are a few groups that I’d recommend:

*These aren’t all that are out there and I’m sure there are hundreds of great ones out there, go explore and see if you can find a group that best fits your writing style.

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If you have any questions with this, let me know and I’ll be glad to help you out.

*Side note from ya boy Eric: Join a group of a team you really love, for me, it’s the Broncos. As painful as it is, form a Facebook presence on that group and post all your articles there. If people like you they are more likely to like the shit you write end of story.

Signing up and setting up Reddit

Reddit is the preferred option for me to facebook if you’re just picking one, but both work very well.

This is pretty much the same as what you’d expect. Just make an account and once you do that, things are broken into subreddits. You can search whatever the topic of your post and simply post it into the corresponding subreddit.

Subreddits are similar to Facebook groups, you can search things like “Cowboys” if you posted an article about Dak Prescott or “MLB” if you did an MLB bold prediction piece.

Just mess around with it for awhile and you should get the hang of it, it is pretty simple.

*Side note from ya boy Eric: most people on Reddit are assholes, just know that going in. Don’t get dejected by the fact everyone disagrees with you, that’s actually a win for you. Congrats you just took away ten minutes of that person’s life they will never get back. All publicity is good publicity, don’t be an asshole though of course. Be genuine only post articles about the team whose sub-Reddit you are posting it in. Another thing that helps as in the Facebook world is getting involved with a Reddit you like and just being part of that community so they have your back. For me its one of my favorite podcasts. Fun fact I think the Dolphins are a team I just hate now because they were the first to ever kick me out of a Reddit group.

Well, that was it…

Once again, thank you guys for all of you’re hard work. I’m looking forward to the growth of us as a team and a company. Again, for the hundredth time, please let me know any of your thoughts, I’d love to go over them with you.

*Side note from Eric: A list of people we would like to thank.

PSF: This guy out grinds all of us combined. You will not find a harder worker or more dedicated guy than Alex. From all of us thank you for giving us this incredible opportunity.

Brian: Another intensely loyal soul, Brian plays a real sport, yes I admitted it, Vball is a real sport.

Travis: One of the most helpful guys here at PSF, he doesn’t crank out the content but he is a great editor. If you ever need anything looked at look no further than Travis.

Chris: Literally a guy I would go to battle for. Chris has a lot and I mean a lot of shitty sports takes but he’s the best guy I know. If you ever need advice or help Chris is your guy.

Josh: I don’t really know what Josh does for us other than be a lanky funny looking white guy. Just kidding boys this guy has created a fantastic site himself in 1n2w and has been smart enough not to let me into the building. He is a hard-working guy who is going to go places, attach yourself to him.

Donny: If you don’t want a pansy to edit you go to Donny. He will probably find 11 things I have done wrong while writing these compliments slash roasts. Also shouts for keeping me in check.

Tristan: Intensely dedicated behind the scenes. A total grinder who cares about making us better. You don’t see this but he helped PSF a lot during my week absence (which guys chill is not that fucking long) also creates all our college football content. Plus another kindred spirit for me a much more hopeful Broncos fan.

Locke: Still a part of the site, huh, ok well thanks, buddy.

Fantasy Sports home: Good Job, love your smile.

Ryan: Another 1n2w guy. Never really talked to him but he hates me so that’s a good thing.

Heath: Our teacher, our giver of advice and our constant fun killer. Thanks for holding down the fort man and thanks for reminding me of my mortality. Some days I need it.

Jake: Reigel, hope I spelled that right, is another PSF lifer and our resident quiet guy with profound things to say. Can’t wait for your baseball stuff man.

Ian: Ian I hate you. But its only because I love you. Fuck the Patriots. Also thanks for not being a fucking snowflake.

Steve: HA the Islanders suck now. Also good job with Grand Slam.

Jordan: My guy, Jordan is an insanely hard worker who works for like 4 different sites and still cranks out the posts weekly.

Glenn: Our hockey guy because Donny refuses to write. So glad I bought you on board man your stuff is still top notch.

Isacc: Good hair, fat face, winner. My kind of guy.

Ben: New to the program so welcome.

Big Poppa: A tip of the hat to you sir you have the best hair at PSF, for now, I’m coming for the throne.

Maximo: Brazil, that’s crazy our audience has reached that far. You are a great writer and more importantly at this stage of the site a volume writer. Also Nice you out there scoring Brazilian chicks.

Ray Cheesy: What the fuck is it you do? You roasted me once then never talked again. Looking forward to you MLB articles.

Allan: Thanks for being on our team!

Flower Boy T: Trippy name, no articles, but you’re a chill dude and I apologize for thinking you were a robot.

D West: Ugh another Cubs fan. Glad to have you onboard.

Bennett: Ugh another Dodgers fan. Glad to have you onboard.

Jake Griffin: Haven’t met ya but welcome aboard

Benny: Welcome Aboard

Peace out,
Pro Sports Fandom

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