Opinion: Just What Is John Elway Doing With The Denver Broncos?

Note I am A Broncos fan. So this is not objective at all, it is an opinion piece. Frankly a rage dump. Enjoy.



What is John Elway doing exactly? Like seriously, what is this guy doing. Elway can’t decide what he wants to do and he needs to because right now we are the laughing stock of the league. Chose between rebuild or go all in, none of this wishy washy in between BS. The fans don’t want a 9-7 season, or at least this fan doesn’t. Be really good or really bad don’t be in between.




This Piece isn’t being written in response to Kirk Cousins not being signed by the Broncos. In fact I really don’t mind the fact we didn’t sink a lot of money into Cousins because without Talib we are a rebuilding team. Keenum is a solid option as a bridge QB. Keenum will with enough talent around him be a ten win starter, without that he will be a five win starter. That is not what pisses me off. What pisses me off is Demaryius Thomas.




John Elway like so many other Broncos fans is some how delusional that DT is still a top wide receiver in this leauge. The reality is Manning made Thomas and when Manning went down hill and eventually retired so did Thomas. His drops have increased rapidly over the last few years and he fails to be a deep threat. Why are you keeping him? You just admitted the window closed by trading away Aqib Talib who despite public perception, according to beat reporters, was a well respected and loved personality and leader in that locker room.


Then you trade away Donald Stephenson, an O line man who simply was good enough at his job, yes, however that puts aside the fact that O line has been a problem for the Broncos for years. It just makes no sense. As a fan I’m outraged. Chose, decide to be really bad or decide to go all out don’t be content with 8-8 or 9-7. It is a hard time to be a Broncos fan.



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