Over-Under Predictions for the Top 10 Teams in the NBA

The over-under record odds for each team just came out in the NBA. I’m about to give you my prediction on if these teams are gonna go over or under their projected record.


1 Golden State 67.5 wins: OVER

I have the Warriors going over 67 games because they did the last 2 years and the roster they have now is the strongest roster I think they’ve ever had. With all the stars returning the Warriors just added Swaggy P to strengthen their bench. The warriors all seem to be getting better each year and most of the stars are in their best age for basketball, this is easily gonna be the most dominate team in basketball this year and that’s why I have them over 67 wins.


2. Boston 56.5 wins: Under

The Celtics roster is stronger than 56 wins in my opinion, but there’s one thing I believe might hold them back. The Celtics only have 4 remaining players so early on I see the Celtics losing a few games. The Celtics are still really young and on the rise and that’s why I think it was reasonable that the Celtics got 56.5 projected wins. Once the Celtics play together in multiple games I think they can get about 55 wins but not over 56.


3. Houston 55.5 wins: Over

This one seems obvious to me and I have to go with over because the Rockets now have the best backcourt and bench in the league. Harden just came off an incredible season and seems to work very well with D’Antonio. The Rockets improved on their defense this summer and added one of the best point guards in the league and that tells me the Rockets can get over 60 wins well over 55 wins.


4. San Antonio 54.5 wins: Over

The Spurs seem to always win a lot more games than prolected going back to history and this year Kathy can potentially have his best year of his career. The Spurs added Rudy Gay thus offseason so I believe they got better than last season, and last season they went 61-21 well over what they are projected this year. The spurs have the best coach in the league as well and they have solid role players which make me believe they easily go over 54 wins.
5. Cleveland 53.5 wins: Under

Last season the Cavs won 51 games and their team was stronger last season than it is this season after the Kyris-Isaiah Thomas blockbuster trade. The king tends to rest in regular season games and last year the Cavs went 0-8 without LeBron on the court; this year I think LeBron rests more games and the Cavs will lose more games. For that reason a long with the roster being worse I think the Cavs go under 54 wins.
6. Oklahoma City 51.5: Over

I think the Thunder can make it over 51 wins because last season they got 48 wins and this offseason they added Paul George and all the role players that were really young will most likely be better players. Westbrook just came off an MVP season which was one of the most incredible seasons in NBA history and there’s no reason why he should stop now, the Thunder should win more than 51 games and that makes another Western conference team over their projected record.
7. Toronto 48.5 wins: Under

I personally don’t think the Raptors should have the 3rd best projected record in the East and definitely don’t think they’ll win 49 games. The Raptors have a good duo in DeRozan and Lowry but the 3 point shooting for the Raptors is kind of rough and they lost some of their best defenders. Lowry doesn’t seem like a point guard that can lead a team to a really good record this year, although DeRozan did a really good job as a leader last season.
8. Minnesota 48.5 wins: Under

The TimberWolves are the trickiest prediction out of all the teams because the last few years they’ve had really poor record and have underachieved each year, but this offseason they had by far the best offseason out of any team adding player like Butler, Crawford, Teague, and more. I think Minnesota gets off to a semi slow start and then get on a groove for the second half of the season but playing against the difficult west makes me think they get 48 wins or lower.
9. Milwaukee 47.5 wins: Over

The Bucks had a really young lineup last season, this year I think they all get better including the future superstar in Giannis and the reigning ROY in Malcom Brogdon. The Bucks went 42-40 last season and I think they have the potential to get 6 more wins than they did last season do a young solid coach, a superstar in the making, and a really good young core.
10. Washington 47.5 wins: Over

This record confuses me that they are behind Toronto and Bucks because in the second half of the season last year including the playoffs the Wizards looked like the better team. John Wall is a top 8 player in the league that is along really solid three point shooters in Otto Porter, and Bradley Beal. The Wizards had some bench problems last season but their staring lineup is amazing and that makes me think they can get around 50 wins.


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