Best Team Epics to Complete

While 99 David Wright and 99 Andre Dawson may seem intriguing, the sets may cost too much for the casual player. Completing the Mets’ collection would cost around 170k, [...]

Rank ‘Em: the 4 Major Sports Drafts

Draft season is coming to a close with the MLB, NBA, and NHL drafts finishing up as soon as yesterday. NFL was a few months before them. That being said, we probably all have [...]

Farewell Big Papi

On Friday June 23rd David Ortiz had his jersey retired in Boston, his home for many years. Ortiz, originally playing in Minnesota for 6 years was a .266 hitter and really [...]

Making Stubs (TheShow17)

It’s very easy to make a substantial amount of Stubs. This is my strategy to making stubs in MLB. I know many people don’t wanna spend money on he game. Neither [...]