The Cub Awards

We are nearing the end of the season, so we are going to give you the top eight Cub awards. Most Underrated: Brian Duensing This was a toss up between him and Jay, but [...]

Updated Top-50 RBs

Well, today sure was an impactful day for fantasy football with the Ezekiel Elliott suspension (6 games) and the Sammy Watkins trade to the Rams, not to mention the Bills [...]

Revisiting the Mariota/Winston Debate

It was the first day of 2015. Fireworks still popping in the distance, but not nearly as often as the evening prior. College football fans were preparing for the first annual [...]

Ezekiel Elliott to be suspended.

According to many recent reports, including Pro Football Talk of NBC, Ezekiel Elliott will be suspended under the Personal Conduct Policy. The reports are suggesting the [...]

Looking ahead to DraftKings, Week 1

Ah, 10 days into August.  That means the Daily Fantasy season is right around the corner.  DraftKings just dropped their first week salaries, and there are a few things to [...]