Possible AL MVP Candidates

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With Opening Day just a little bit over a month away, it is never to early to start talking about possible American League MVP candidates. Jose Altuve (Houston Astros) won the American League MVP last season with a batting average of  .346 with 24 homeruns and 81 RBI’s, along with 32 stolen bases.

A lot of people will argue that Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) should have won the American League MVP last season with a .284 batting average with 52 homeruns and 114 RBI’s, along with nine stolen bases. Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve will no doubt be possible MVP candidates in the American League for the 2018 season, but who are some other players to consider for it?

Mike Trout, Outfielder, Los Angeles Angels: Trout might be the best player in the game right now. The Angels got a lot better in the offseason and if Trout plays at an MVP caliber level, it is quite possible the Angels have a shot of going to the postseason. 2017 stats: .306 batting average 33 homeruns 72 RBI’s and 22 stolen bases.

Giancarlo Stanton, Outfielder, New York Yankees: Stanton stayed healthy during the 2017 season and he won the National League MVP as a member of the Miami Marlins. His batting average was .281 with 59 homeruns and 132 RBI’s, along with two stolen bases. Stanton will now be teammates with Judge and that could be a very dangerous combo.

Carlos Correa, Shortstop, Houston Astros: Carlos Correa might be the best shortstop in the game and if he isn’t, Correra is very close to it. Correa had the same amount of homeruns as Altuve last season and Correa had three more RBI’s than Altuve. Correa had a very good .315 batting average, but he only stole two bases the entire year.

Jose Rameriz, Third Baseman, Cleveland Indians: The Indians are going to need Jose Rameriz more than ever this season. He had a breakout season last year with a .318 batting average 29 homeruns and 83 RBI’s, along with 18 stolen bases. Rameriz has MVP potential this season for the Indians.

Manny Machado, Third Baseman/Shortstop, Baltimore Orioles: The Orioles are switching Machado from third base to shortstop for the 2018 season (Tim Beckham will most likely be the third baseman). This is an interesting move by the Orioles none the less, but I am sure that he will play some games at third base during the 2018 season. Machado’s original position was shortstop, but he did win a couple of gold glove awards at third base. Machado’s work on defense speaks for itself, but he is also very good with his bat. His batting average was .259 last season with 33 homeruns and 95 RBI’s, along with nine stolen bases. Machado is in the final year of his contract with the Orioles.


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