Possible National League MVP Candidates

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Last week, I talked about the possibility who could possibly win the American League MVP this season. With spring training under way, who are the possible candidates to win the National League MVP this season?

Bryce Harper, Outfielder, Washington Nationals: Harper was one of the main reasons why the Nationals made it back to the postseason last year. He is on the final year of his contract and he just wants to play ball. Will Harper being a free-agent at the end of year affect his game or will he be proving himself? Harper’s batting average last season was .319 with 29 homeruns and 87 RBI’s, along with four stolen bases.

Yoenis Cespedes, Outfielder, New York Mets: If Cespedes can stay healthy for the Mets this season, he will be a big reason why the Mets are in playoff contention. Cespedes’s batting average last season was .292 with 17 homeruns and 42 RBI’s. He hit 31 homeruns the previous season and should’ve been giving serious consideration for MVP in 2016.

Corey Seager, Shortstop, Los Angeles Dodgers: Even though Seager missed time last season with back issues, Seager is still a very important player to the Dodgers. He has very good range at shortstop and Seager is a fundamental player. Seager’s batting average last season was .295 with 22 homeruns and 77 RBI’s, along with four stolen bases.

Clayton Kershaw, Starting Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw is so dominant year-after-year that he always need to be mentioned in the MVP conversation. Even though he has had back problems throughout his career, his strikeout-to-walk is ridiculous. His record last season was 18-4 with a 2.31 ERA. In 175.0 innings pitched, Kershaw gave up 136 hits and 49 runs. Kershaw only walked 30 batters and has struck out 202.

Kris Bryant, Third Baseman, Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant is one of the phenom’s on the Cubs. Bryant is a threat anytime he bats. He won the 2016 National League MVP. Bryant’s batting average last season was .295 with 29 homeruns and 73 RBI’s, along with seven stolen bases.

Anthony Rizzo, First Baseman, Chicago Cubs:  Rizzo is another threat in the Cubs lineup. His bat is one of the best in the National League and Rizzo is also one of the best first baseman in the MLB. His batting average last season was .273 with 32 homeruns and 109 RBI’s, along with 10 stolen bases.

Paul Goldschmidt, First Baseman, Arizona Diamondbacks: No matter how good or bad the Arizona Diamondbacks are, it is basically a guarantee that Goldschmidt will put up great numbers every year. He was a big reason why the Diamondbacks made it to the playoffs last season and Goldschmidt hopes he leads them back there again this season.  His batting average last season was .297 with 36 homeruns and 120 RBI’s, along with 18 stolen bases.

Nolan Arenado, Third Baseman, Colorado Rockies: Whether or not Arenado plays in the Rocky Mountains, he is always reliable at putting up solid numbers and contributing every night. Arenado won the National League MVP in 2017 and he was one of the reasons why the Rockies made it to the postseason. Because of Arenado, they had one of the best offenses in the MLB. Arenado’s batting average last season was .290 with 37 homeruns and 130 RBI’s, along with three stolen bases.


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