Predicted MLB The Show 2018 Opening Rosters

Well, it is finally time, well maybe not yet… But, with the baseball season fast approaching I figured there is no better time for these.

For those that were with us last year know that during the season we do weekly MLB The Show roster update predictions on the site. We also have two very good accounts that cover MLB The Show that are under our name, check them out.




The second account is much more in-depth on MLB the Show content but the first one is the main account associated with this all, make sure to follow both if you’re a fan of the MLB or just MLB The Show.

One more note, we also have a MLB The Show Wishlist up, check that out if you are interested.

In this post, I will be giving my predicted MLB The Show rosters for when the game is released. For each position, I will be giving a top 10 (top 20 for Starting Pitchers) as well as their 2017 overall as well as their predicted 2018 overall.

These overalls factor in the last three seasons with the most recent one holding the most weight.

To view each position, use the page selector below with each page hold its own position. 


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