Predicting every game for every team in the NFC North

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We’re officially 1 day from the preseason’s official start, Over the next month we’re going to predict every game for every team. Let’s kick this off.

Chicago Bears

Week 1: vs Atlanta (Loss 10-27)

Week 2: at Tampa Bay (Loss 17-24)

Week 3: vs Pittsburgh (Loss 14-31)

Week 4: at Green Bay (Loss 16-24)

Week 5: vs Minnesota (Loss 7-13)

Week 6: at Baltimore (Win 26-20)

Week 7: vs Carolina (Loss 17-34)

Week 8: at New Orleans (Loss 24-38)

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: vs Green Bay (Loss 17-31)

Week 11: vs Detroit (Win 26-19)

Week 12: at Philadelphia (Loss 7-27)

Week 13: vs San Francisco (Loss 27-28)

Week 14: at Cincinnati (Loss 18-21)

Week 15: at Detroit (Win 27-20)

Week 16: vs Cleveland (Win 17-7)

Week 17: at Minnesota (Loss 20-30)

Projected Record: 4-12

Summary: The Bears will be bad. But a little better than last year. With that said, The QB situation in Chicago is a mess. If it’s not figured out the Bears could easily be as bad as last years team.


Green Bay Packers

Week 1: vs Seattle (Win 31-28 OT)

Week 2: at Atlanta (Loss 42-45 OT)

Week 3: vs Cincinnati (Win 34-24)

Week 4: vs Chicago (Win 24-16)

Week 5: at Dallas (Loss 31-34)

Week 6: at Minnesota (Win 24-13)

Week 7: vs New Orleans (Win 36-33 OT)

Week 8: BYE

Week 9: vs Detroit (Loss 20-23)

Week 10: at Chicago (Win 31-17)

Week 11: vs Baltimore (Win 33-23)

Week 12: at Pittsburgh (Win 41-31)

Week 13: vs Tampa Bay (Loss 16-20)

Week 14: at Cleveland (Win 41-14)

Week 15: at Carolina (Win 34-20)

Week 16: vs Minnesota (Win 17-7)

Week 17: at Detroit (Win 41-20)

Projected Record: 12-4

Summary: The Packers first 8 games will be tough. They could very easily go into the bye with a losing record. But after the bye, it’s going to be fairly easy for the Packers to go 8-2 as the schedule is fairly favorable.


Detroit Lions 

Week 1: vs Arizona (Loss 24-31)

Week 2: at New York (G) (Loss 13-23)

Week 3: vs Atlanta (Win 27-24 OT)

Week 4: at Minnesota (Win 30-24)

Week 5: vs Carolina (Win 27-17)

Week 6: at New Orleans (Loss 28-38)

Week 7: BYE

Week 8: vs Pittsburgh (Win 28-27)

Week 9: at Green Bay (Win 23-20)

Week 10: vs Cleveland (Win 27-9)

Week 11: at Chicago (Win 18-10)

Week 12: vs Minnesota (Loss 16-18)

Week 13: at Baltimore (Win 27-23)

Week 14: at Tampa Bay (Loss 31-37)

Week 15: vs Chicago (Loss 13-16)

Week 16: at Cincinnati (Win 26-19)

Week 17: vs Green Bay (Loss 20-41)

Projected Record: 9-7

Summary: I see the Detroit Lions pulling off several upsets this year and surprising people competing for the division going into the final weeks of the season. I almost gave them a sweep vs Chicago, I just couldn’t make myself do it.

Minnesota Vikings: 

Week 1: vs New Orleans (Loss 24-28)

Week 2: at Pittsburgh (Loss 27-33)

Week 3: vs Tampa Bay (Loss 20-34)

Week 4: vs Detroit (Loss 24-30)

Week 5: at Chicago (Win 14-7)

Week 6: vs Green Bay (Loss 13-24)

Week 7: vs Baltimore (Win 17-7)

Week 8: at Cleveland (Win 24-7)

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: at Washington (Win 24-14)

Week 11: vs Los Angeles (R) (Win 26-13)

Week 12: at Detroit (Win 18-16)

Week 13: at Atlanta (Win 23-20)

Week 14: at Carolina (Loss 13-20)

Week 15: vs Cincinnati (Loss 19-22)

Week 16: at Green Bay (Loss 17-7)

Week 17: vs Chicago (Win 30-20)

Projected Record: 8-8 

Summary: The Vikings will have an average year, Sam Bradford will return to average at best after losing OC Norv Turner. In the end, Sam Bradford will be why the Vikings fail to make the playoffs. Get ready for an up and down year, Vikings fans.


Division Summary: Let’s be completely honest, There will be no competition to the Packers. The Vikings and Lions will compete for a Wild-Card spot but come up short. And the Chicago Bears are conformably the worst team in this division.

Projected Division Rankings: 

  1. Green Bay Packers (11-5) (5-1)
  2. Detroit Lions (9-7) (3-3)
  3. Minnesota Vikings (8-8) (3-3)
  4. Chicago Bears (4-12) (2-4)

We will be bringing you the NFC East in a few days! Schedule is below




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