Predicting Playoff Teams: Is your team in?

Does your team suck? Mine does, I’m a Broncos fan, while we route for a top 5 draft pick here are 12 teams you can chose to get on board with for playoff season.


We are 13 weeks through the season and en route to the playoffs, so why not predict the playoff seeding for each team. Start on up in the AFC.
1. Patriots 14-2: I really don’t see the Patriots losing again this season even to a hot Pittsburgh team. Even when Tom Brady doesn’t have a great day they are still beating down opponents. It also helps that New England plays the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets down the stretch. It wouldn’t shock me if they lost a game but with the way Pittsburgh played against Cincinnati, not showing up until the last second, I just can’t believe the Steelers have a chance against Belichick.

2. Steelers 12-4: The Steelers have a fairly hard schedule the next two week and that is where I see their losses. I think the Ravens will pull the upset in what is always a fun divisional game to watch. Alex Collins and Joe Flacco have that Baltimore offense hot as of now and I see them having another good game Sunday night. I just can’t pick this team over the Pats, even at home.

3. Jaguars 10-6: The Jags are in a word, inconsistent. This week they play a red hot Russell Wilson and I don’t care how good your defense is, I don’t think anyone can shut Wilson down with the way he is playing right now. The other game I see them losing is against the Niners, watch for their name to come up quite a bit, by no means a playoff team but a team that will be able to throw punches at giants in December.

4. Chargers 10-6: This may be wishful thinking on my part but I truly believe this team can win out. Their biggest challenge will be the Redskins this week and the Jets, who always play teams tough and are an upset waiting to happen every week.

5. Ravens 10-6: The Ravens could go 11-5, but I see them losing to one team down the stretch. If not the Steelers (as stated earlier I think the Ravens will beat the Steelers this week) The Colts, who always play games tight, or Bengals will give them a loss.

6. Chiefs 9-7: As bad as they have been I trust this team more than the Bills, Titans and Raiders. I think they get the win over the Raiders this week and then they play the Dolphins and Broncos. If they lose either one of those games they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs.
Honorable mentions, Bills, Titans, Raiders

Moving to the NFC
1. Vikings 13-3: I’m a firm bieliever in the fact Aaron Rodgers will return and rain fire on the Vikings. That will be their only loss, expect them to knock Carolina farther out of playoff contention this week. Other than those two games the Vikings play the Bengals and Bears, easy wins.

2. Rams 13-3: I firmly believe the Rams will get the win over the Eagles this week in LA and pull an upset in Seattle. Then they get the Titans and Niners, neither of those teams can keep up with this offense. Even on a bad day the Rams drop 30 points.

3. Saints 13-3: The Saints will win out, they have the Falcons twice yes, but if Case Keenum can carve up the Falcons D then Alvin Kamara and Melvin Ingram sure as hell can as well. The defense played well without Marshon Lattimore this week and continues to improve. With that running game in NOLA, that is a scary thought.

4. Eagles 13-3: Are the Eagles a bad team, no. If you think having them at four is me saying they are a bad team, that’s wrong. The Eagles will finish 13-3 4 teams will, that is amazing. I just don’t see the Eagles beating the Rams this week but losing to good teams in the regular season sharpens teams for the postseason. I would not want to see this team in January when they get all the bugs fixed.

5. Packers 10-6: I believe in Aaron Rodgers, perhaps that is blind of me. When I doubt Aaron Rodgers he proves me wrong though. So in Rodgers I trust. Plus Eagles Packers with Rodgers sounds a hell of a lot more appetizing than Eagles Falcons, Panthers, or Lions.

6. Seahawks 10-6: The Seahawks are at six because of their week one loss to Green Bay. This team has the Jags, Cowboys, and Cardinals down the stretch. After what Russell Wilson did on SNF I cannot doubt this team.
Honorable mentions, Falcons, Panthers, Lions


So there you have it folks. The NFC is clearly more exciting than the AFC down the stretch and in the playoffs. Time to buckle down folks.



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