Predicting The Rest Of The Colorado Avalanche Schedule.

So let me come clean. I am a fair-weather Colorado Avalanche fan, I was born into an Avalanche family. I have never seen the team experience much success and I would consider my self more of an NHL fan than that of the Aves. However, Colorado is battling for a playoff spot and I really want to see if they get there or not. So without further ado here is a full breakdown and prediction for the rest of the Colorado Avalanche schedule.

3/13 @ Minnesota: A big game against a team currently in third in the central division. My prediction, Aves win 3-2 in OT.
3/15 @ Saint Louis: A desperate central bubble playoff team as well, Aves lose 4-2.
3/16 Nashville: A brutal back to back that ends against the best team in the central. 3-2 OT loss for Colorado.
3/18 Detroit: Aves rebound big against a struggling Detroit team 4-1 win.
3/20 @ Chicago: After losing earlier this week in the mad house I believe the Aves will get a win 3-1.
3/22 Los Angeles: Aves keep up the momentum against another playoff bubble team. Aves win 4-3.
3/24 Vegas: The Avalanche take care of business in their own building. Aves win 4-2.
3/26 @ Vegas: The Vegas affect is a thing. Though I predict at this point the Aves will be on a 4 game winning streak and add another one in Vegas. Colorado wins 3-2 in OT.
3/28 Philly: The Flyers have cooled down and the Avalanche win handily. 5-1 Aves win.
3/30 Chicago: The Hawks visit finishes with a heartbreaking OT loss to the Black Hawks. 3-2 OT Hawks win.
4/1 @ Anaheim: The Aves never travel to Anaheim well and lose. 3-1 Ducks.
4/2 @ San Jose: The Sharks will be quietly competing for the division at this point. 4-1 Sharks win.
4/7 Saint Louis Blues: The Avalanche close the season with a big win. 3-1 Aves win.

In conclusion: I believe the Avalanche will go 8-3-2. That would have them finish with 98 points. Now would that give them a playoff spot? Well I assume the wild will finish with 100 so I would say yes, the Aves grab the last available playoff spot. So Congrats Colorado your in the playoffs.


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