Predicting the Top Players at Each Position for The Fantasy Football Season

Football is upon us. We are exactly one week away from the kickoff of the 2017-2018 NFL regular season. That also means that we are a week away from the fantasy football season beginning. If you haven’t drafted your fantasy football team yet, I would suggest fitting in a time to do it between now and next Thursday. But since you’re here, who should you draft with the picks in the early rounds? Who will be the best at their positions (predictions by me)? Let’s get right down into the mix.


1 QBs, 1 RBs, 1 WRs, 1 TE. 

Predicting the Top Quarterbacks:

Top FF QB is Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers has been great in every season since he was awarded the starting job of Cheesehead nation. He has only missed nine regular season games in nine regular seasons which makes him a good and healthy caller at QB. Rodgers has thrown for 4,000+ passing yards in 6 of those nine seasons while barely missing the 4K mark in 2010 and 2015. Oh and did I mention this guy still holds the record for career quarterback rating at 104.1. Rodgers is no slouch. He threw 13 interceptions in his rookie season of 2008, and that is the highest total of his career. That’s mildly impressive for any quarterback. And with three quality wideouts and a solid tight end at his disposal, expect another MVP caliber year from the football ARod. He’s a must get on the draft board at quarterback for you. 

Predicting the Top Running Back:

Top FF RB is Cardinals RB David Johnson

This should be no surprise to anyone who has watched football dating back to the end of 2015. Johnson is a fantasy football dream player. He can do it all, he’s fast, powerful, has great hands and possesses the all around skill set that most fantasy football team owners would drool at. Johnson will be the clear guy in Arizona as the team still looks to rebuild their trust in Carson Palmer. He’s ranked as the top overall player on most fantasy football rankings lists. He’s not going to be available past the second draft pick unless someone makes a mistake. Johnson is going to explode this season and have a historic fantasy football season. But if you are picking second in your draft and Johnson is gone, don’t pass up on Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell. Bell and Johnson are the top two players in fantasy and neither should slip out of the top two in their drafts.

Predicting the Top FF Wide Receiver:

Top FF WR is Patriots WR Brandin Cooks

Okay, listen, I had Julio Jones on this before I saw the extent of Julian Edelman’s injury. With Edelman out, Tom Brady is going to need to find that clear number one wideout to go along with his stud of a tight end, Rob Gronkowski. Brandin Cooks gladly will fill that role. He posted two 1,000 yard seasons along with touchdown totals of 8 and 9 over his last two seasons with Drew Bree’s airing out the pigskin to him in New Orleans. Cooks is lightning quick and Tom Brady is the greatest NFL quarterback of all-time. Cooks will have a huge season and top the leaders as the best wide receiver in fantasy football this season. Draft him early in your drafts, he’s a can’t miss stud draft pick!

Predicting the Top FF Tight End:

Top FF TE is Panthers TE Greg Olsen

Now here’s my lowdown on this pick. Olsen has been the premier consistent tight end in the NFL, he’s stayed pretty healthy and usually puts up a solid season year in and year out. I can go ahead and say that I don’t expect Gronk to play a full season and I don’t have that much faith in Travis Kelce unless Alex Smith can air it out to him. Kelce will be good and should probably be picked second or third among TEs but I’m going Olsen because of the consistency he brings to the table. He’s recorded three consecutive 1,000+ receiving yard seasons in Carolina and expect him to do much of the same this season. He’s a top tight end option.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions about fantasy football or NFL in general, hit me up on Twitter @TristanBeckmann. Peace!


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