Predictions for Each Award for the Upcoming NBA Season

img_1898Last year brought many exciting battles between different players in different awards. Westbrook brought home the MVP award, Brogdon won the Rookie of the Year award, D’Antonio won Coach of the Year, Eric Gordon won the 6th Man of the Year Award, and Giannis won the Most Improved Player Award; so who will win those awards this year? Take a look into the future with me and find out.


Most Improved Player: D’Angelo Russell

Last season Russell averaged 15.6 PPG, 4.8 APG shooting just 40.5 FG%. This season I expect a lot more from him getting traded from LA to Brooklyn where he has the opportunity to play a big role in his new team. I believe Russell can really up his game in Brooklyn where I think he’ll get more minutes then he did in the city of angels and I believe he’ll fit better there being one of the main guys . D’Angelo Russell is still very young and can take that leap this season and that’s why I think he can pull off the Most Improved Player Award.

HM: Brandon Ingram


6th Man of The Year Award: Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon is the reigning 6th Man of The Year right now coming off of a really good season off the bench to contribute to the Rockets success last season. Last season Gordon put up 16.2 PPG while being one of the elite three point shooters in the league. Eric Gordon is 28 years old and most people consider that the “prime” year of most players career. Now Gordon has Harden and Chris Paul to play along which I think he’ll fit very well with being able to get open shots from them and continue to make an impact on a contending team.

HM: Marcus Smart


Coach of The Year Award: Brad Stevens

Brad Stevens as we all know is one of the best young coaches out there right now. Brad Stevens has a lot of talent to work with such as players like Kyrie(assuming he isn’t recalled to Cleveland) and Gordon Hayward , and I believe he’s a top 2 coach in the league and will get a better seed than Popovich most likely and also more recognition because he hasn’t won the award before.

HM: Gregg Popovich


Rookie of The Year Award: Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball has easily been the most interesting rookie and the year has yet to start. This is because his dad Lavar Ball has made his name really big. Lonzo may have the most pressure on him on his team but his ability to pass the ball and lead a team is unbelievable for how young he is. Lonzo just won the summer league MVP putting up triple doubles and leading the lakers to many wins. Ball averaged 14.6 PPG in college shooting the ball very efficiently for a guard. From what he’s proved as a point guard, leader, and skill wise I think he has a really good shot at the Rookie of the Year Award. Big Baller Brand Baby!

HM: Markelle Fultz


Most valuable Player Award: James Harden

Here is the most intriguing award the most valuable player award which analysts debate about all year; this season I have Harden finally capturing the MVP Award I think he deserved times before. Harden just came off of one of the most impressive offensive seasons ever scoring over 29 points and had above 11 assists along with that. This offseason the Rockets got Chris Paul who I think can help out with Harden’s campaign this year because I believe they can lead their team to the 2nd seed in the Western Conference which could really put a saying in what he’s doing. Expect Harden to still put up massive offensive numbers and improve on his defense where I think he can finally get his first MVP award of his career.

HM: Kawhi Leonard




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