Projecting Receptions by Position: AFC East

Everyone and their mother knows that fantasy football is all about the stats. While anyone can be an expert fantasy GM in hindsight, the trick to success is to be able to predict the stats before they happen. Easier said than done right? Well, kinda. Predicting the exact efficiency of a given player can be tough, but – get this – as a general rule players won’t produce if they don’t touch the ball. As it so happens, opportunities to touch the ball can actually be predicted pretty well.

For the most part, it’s still a little early to predict usage of specific players with any reasonable accuracy. This is especially true with rushing attempts as individual performance plays a bigger part than anything else in determining reps. Receptions – specifically receptions by position group – are a different story. This may seem like a rather vague thing to be projecting, but think about it this way; if you think a team can support two 85+ catch receivers but the WR group as a whole is likely to only tally 160 receptions, you’re more than likely going to have a bad time. Conversely, if there are a lot of projected receptions for a given group and no obvious player being fed, you have potential for a diamond in the rough.

Interested now? Let’s dive in.

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