Projecting Receptions by Position: NFC East


Philadelphia Eagles

2017 Totals
Carson Wentz: 265 completions on 440 attempts (13 games)
WR Group: 178 Receptions
RB Group: 53 Receptions
TE Group: 110 Receptions

2018 Projections
Carson Wentz: 335 completions on 560 attempts
WR Group: 190 Receptions
RB Group: 55 Receptions
TE Group: 90 Receptions

Gone are offensive coordinator Frank Reich and QB coach John DeFilippo. Carson Wentz will have some consistency with WR coach Mike Groh getting promoted to the offensive coordinator spot, but ultimately it’s going to be hard to reproduce the magic Philly had last year. With most of the key players returning, this should just mean a little less efficiency passing. The offense should still be solid though, so in this case less efficiency really just means fewer deep shots connecting. Wentz was on track for about 540 pass attempts before he went down last season, so expect that total to bump back up some – maybe not all the way up to the 607 he threw as a rookie, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see something in the 560 range. Wentz will probably continue to target his WR’s and TE’s more than his RB’s which should keep his accuracy around 60%. This translates to a projected 335 completions to go around.

The RB group was targeted in bunches in 2016, but that was primarily on the back of Darren Sproles. Last year with Sproles out, the RB group catch total went down significantly. Now Sproles is targeting a comeback and he does seem to own some magical Frank Gore endurance dust, but ultimately it’s hard to trust a 35 year old RB coming off a broken arm and torn ACL. Besides, given the success of the offense with the new target split I’m inclined to believe that the lower RB catch total will persist this year. I would also expect the TE totals to drop a little. Not bashing Zach Ertz in any way; I just don’t see newly drafted Dallas Goedert completely filling the void from the departure of both Trey Burton and Brent Celek in year 1. This means more targets for the WR group, which makes sense. Nelson Agholor really started lighting it up as last year went on, and Alshon Jeffery now has a full year in the system under his belt. Even if Jeffery can’t avoid the injury bug that plagued him until last year, there is enough talent in the WR group behind him that someone should be able to fill the void. As a group, the WR’s should continue to thrive in Philly.


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