PSF College Basketball Top 25 at Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is upon us so that seems like the perfect time to put out the second Pro Sports Fandom Top 25 college basketball rankings.

1. Duke
2. Kansas
3. Villanova
4. Michigan State
5. Florida
6. North Carolina
7. Notre Dame
8. USC
9. Kentucky
10. Miami
11. Xavier
12. Cincinnati
13. Wichita State
14. Arizona
15. Gonzaga
16. Seton Hall
17. Texas A&M
18. Saint Mary’s
19. Minnesota
20. Baylor
21. Louisville
22. Alabama
23. West Virginia
24. Virginia
25. Texas Tech


Duke remains number one behind Grayson Allen arguably the hottest player in the country. Not to mention Marvin Bagley the third who averages 19 points a game. Kansas is rolling through their schedule and a win against Kentucky catapults them to the second spot. Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk is averaging 20 points a game and the defense only allows 63 points a game. Michigan State and Myles bridges continue to roll a loss to Duke knocks them down to 4 though. Notre dame after a big win against Wichita catapults to 6. Forward Bonzie Colson is averaging 20 points and 10 rebounds a game. Not to mention the team averages 7 steals per game. Wichita falls to 13 after a loss against the only ranked team they have played which might come back to bight them come tourney seeding time. Louisville sits at 20 mainly because if you can’t compete for a tourney spot why should you be ranked? They have played well though for a team embattled by Turnovers. Arizona drops to 14 after to losing to unranked NC State. New to the Rankings are Virginia and Texas Tech.



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