PSF College Football Week 3 Game Picks and Predictions: Weekly Pick’em

By Tristan Beckmann
Welcome back to our exciting weekly segment here at PSF in which some of our staff members go on a weekly pickem spree for the college football season. We’ve had two very action packed and exciting weeks of college football so far this season and we expect nothing less coming from this upcoming week of football. There are two top 25 matchups this week and we expect both to deliver great back and forth football games. There will be a huge lasting effect on many teams based on the outcomes from Week 2. But that’s not the only thing that the Week 2 outcomes affected, as the Standings for our weekly PSF College Football Pick’em were hugely affected. They are jam packed after two crazy weeks of college football and let’s take a look at them before we unveil the Week 3 picks!

PSF CFB Weekly Pick’em Standings:

  1. Dustin Beard (51-8)
  2. Jon Butler (48-11)
  3. Heath Kyser (47-12)
  4. Tristan Beckmann (46-13)
  5. Chris Chastain (46-13)
  6. Jack Geary III (41-18)
  7. Eric Jensen (40-19)

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  • Chris Chastain: @ChrisPSF
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Consensus Picks (winners in bold):

  • Boise State over New Mexico.
  • #22 South Florida over Illinois
  • #9 Oklahoma State over Pittsburgh.
  • #25 UCLA over Memphis.
  • Notre Dame over Boston College.
  • Duke over Baylor.
  • #20 TCU over SMU.
  • #21 Washington State over Oregon St.
  • #10 Wisconsin over BYU.
  • Texas Tech over Arizona State.
  • #4 USC over Texas.
  • Utah over San José State.
  • #19 Stanford over San Diego State.

All Other Picks:

UConn @ Virginia

  • Tristan Beckmann: Virginia
  • Eric Jensen: Virginia
  • Dustin Beard: Virginia
  • Heath Kyser: Virginia
  • Jon Butler: Virginia
  • Chris Chastain: UConn
  • Jack Geary III: Virginia

#23 Tennessee @ #24 Florida

  • Tristan Beckmann: Florida
  • Eric Jensen: Tennessee
  • Dustin Beard: Florida
  • Heath Kyser: Florida
  • Jon Butler: Tennessee
  • Chris Chastain: Tennessee
  • Jack Geary III: Florida

#12 LSU @ Mississippi State

  • Tristan Beckmann: LSU
  • Eric Jensen: LSU
  • Dustin Beard: LSU
  • Heath Kyser: Mississippi State
  • Jon Butler: LSU
  • Chris Chastain: LSU
  • Jack Geary III: LSU

Oregon @ Wyoming

  • Tristan Beckmann: Wyoming
  • Eric Jensen: Oregon
  • Dustin Beard: Oregon
  • Heath Kyser: Oregon
  • Jon Butler: Oregon
  • Chris Chastain: Oregon
  • Jack Geary III: Oregon

Kentucky @ South Carolina

  • Tristan Beckmann: South Carolina
  • Eric Jensen: South Carolina
  • Dustin Beard: South Carolina
  • Heath Kyser: South Carolina
  • Jon Butler: Kentucky
  • Chris Chastain: South Carolina
  • Jack Geary III: South Carolina

#18 Kansas State @ Vanderbilt

  • Tristan Beckmann: Kansas State
  • Eric Jensen: Kansas State
  • Dustin Beard: Kansas State
  • Heath Kyser: Vanderbilt
  • Jon Butler: Kansas State
  • Chris Chastain: Kansas State
  • Jack Geary III: Kansas State

Ole Miss @ California

  • Tristan Beckmann: California
  • Eric Jensen: California
  • Dustin Beard: Ole Miss
  • Heath Kyser: Ole Miss
  • Jon Butler: Ole Miss
  • Chris Chastain: California
  • Jack Geary III: Ole Miss

Pro Sports Fandom Writers Pick Games of the Week:

#3 Clemson @ #14 Louisville

(Saturday, 9/16, 8:00pm, ABC, CLEM -3.0)

Tristan Beckmann: This game is going to be a classic. One of those games that we will talk about when this season wraps up just like it was last year. Clemson barely worked  out a 42-36 home win over the Lamar Jackson led Louisville Cardinals last season. It was a game of the year caliber game and I expect no less this season. Jackson is back to destroying defenses and making defensive coordinators look foolish so far in this 2017 season. He’s racked up over 1000 total offensive yards and 8 total touchdowns through 2 games of work. Clemson has a new identity after they win the national title last season, as QB DeShaun Watson left for the NFL and Dabo Sweeney called on young signalcaller Kelly Bryant to lead the Tigers offense. Bryant has looked bright in the first two games of the season and he played solidly against a top Auburn defense in a 14-6 win. But then you look across the field at the high scoring Louisville Cardinal offense, and 14 points won’t be enough for the Tigers to win this game. Oh, what a game we are in for! Lamar Jackson continues his run at back to back Heisman Trophy awards with a huge game against a fierce Clemson defense. Louisville 38, Clemson 29. 

Heath Kyser: This week features a game that is a homage to the adage “Unmovable object meets unstoppable force”. I know Lamar Jackson is a great college player. I also know that he has faced Purdue and North Carolina to pad stats this year. And in case you didn’t know, those are not exactly the top defenses in college football. Clemson comes in fresh off an 11 sack performance that held Gus Malzahn’s offense to its lowest point total in his tenure at Auburn. In matchups of great team defense versus great player, I almost always lean toward the great defense. Clemson finds a way to contain Lamar Jackson and defeats the Cardinals.   Clemson 24, Louisville 17.

Jack Geary III: Common sense tells me I should take Clemson, as they have won their last 6 ranked matchups. But then again, I don’t care. Lamar Jackson has been unstoppable so far this season and that elite Tigers defense won’t be able to contain him. I’m taking Louisville to win this game based off of the pure excellence of the defending Heisman. It’s Jackson’s opportune heisman game. And the environment is going to be another factor that sways into my pick of the Cards, the game atmosphere will be too much for the young inexperienced Clemson QB Kelly Bryant. This was my favorite game of the season last year so let’s hope the rematch can live up to its potential. Louisville 38, Clemson 31.

Chris Chastain: Louisville goes as Lamar Jackson goes and he’s been going strong this season thus far with 1000 yards in 2 games. He won’t have his way this week like he has against opponents like Purdue and North Carolina. I like Clemson’s defense with that nasty Tigers defensive line quite possibly being the best in the country. However their offense was abysmal last week against an Auburn team that isn’t really experienced on the defensive side. I believe Clemson QB Kelly Bryant will make 1 or 2 crucial mistakes that will eventually cost Clemson their first loss since November 12th of last year. Louisville 29, Clemson 23.

Dustin Beard: In this battle of top ACC teams there’s no question which team is suited to score more points. Lamar Jackson, the reigning Heisman trophy winner, wants revenge from last years 42-36 loss to the Tigers. Jackson who is on fire is going to have to wait yet another year for revenge though, and he will be able to thank his offensive line for that. The offensive line is by far the biggest weakness on this Louisville team, and though Lamar makes up for it with his electric running ability, the O-Line has to be concerned as Clemson got to the Auburn signal caller 11 times last week. Clemson will bring the heat against Lamar Jackson coming up with timely stops, as Clemson QB Kelly Bryant and the rest of the Tigers offense will put up just enough points to reward their defense with a big W in Louisville. Clemson wins this one in a close and thrilling one. Clemson 28, Louisville 21. 


Eric Jensen: The fierce Clemson defensive line racked up 11 total sacks last week against an Auburn offensive line that may or may not be better than the one that Louisville will put on the field Saturday night. This doesn’t bode well for Lamar Jackson and the Cards and I’m going with Clemson. Clemson 31, Louisville 18.


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