PSF College Football Weekly Pick’em: Week 11 Preview, Predictions, and Analysis

Welcome back to the eleventh edition of the PSF College Football Weekly Pick’em. It’s been an incredible season to date and it feels unreal to say that we are nearing the final few weeks of the college football season. Week 10 was a very interesting week for the landscape and outlook towards the rest of the year. Alabama continued to dominate, pummeling a previously third ranked LSU Tigers team at Death Valley. Will Grier made his Heisman statement whilst willing the West Virginia Mountaineers over the Texas Longhorn in a 42-41 shootout. After the games concluded, the College Football Playoff committee unveiled their second rankings of the season and we have gained a pretty good idea of who still has a chance and who doesn’t. There were so many more exciting moments in the week, but we’ve got stuff to get to.

Each week of the season, the crew will pick a select group of games and we will publish our picks on Pro Sports Fandom. At the conclusion of the week, we will calculate the results and update our standings. If you need a reminder of how this format works, I’ll discuss that here. Points will be rewarded each week based on the weekly standings (based on everybody’s weekly record). One note of importance is that one point is still rewarded for each correct pick (excluding Game of the Week picks, which are worth three points).

I’ve dominated the pick’em so far this year, and I lead the points standings by 30 points over second place, Travis Calvin. There’s still a lot of action left so I doubt that the lead will remain this huge, but I’m confident in my abilities. With all of that said, this sets up another exciting week of action-packed college football for us! Your favorite writers are set to pick tons of this week’s games, and hopefully gain ground in the overall standings.

And don’t forget to check out all of our writers on Twitter:

  • Tristan Beckmann (@TBeckmann24)
  • Travis Calvin (@GSPTCal)
  • Chris Chastain (@ChrisC_01)
  • Ian Cusick (@IanMCusick)
  • Eric Jensen (@eric18utah)
  • Heath Kyser (@RollCubsRoll)
  • Brian Willis (@RealBrianWillis)
  • Tim (@obstructedview2)

Now before we unveil the picks for all of this week’s action, let’s take a closer look at the standings through nine weeks of play!

1: Tristan Beckmann (180 PTS) (100-42)

2. Travis Calvin (150 PTS) (85-57)

3. Chris Chastain (148 PTS) (89-53)

4. Brian Willis (147 PTS) (90-52)

5. Obstructed Viewer (142 PTS) (86-56)

6. Eric Jensen (130 PTS) (80-62)

7. Ian Cusick (122 PTS) (79-63)

8. Heath Kyser (120 PTS) (83-59)

Now let’s get the ball rolling with the game picks that everyone agreed on for some of the week 11 games. (The predicted winners are noted in bold.)

#14 NC State over Wake Forest.

#15 Florida over South Carolina.

#1 Alabama over #16 Mississippi State.

#6 Oklahoma over Oklahoma State.

#5 Georgia over Auburn.

Now let’s look at the game picks that most of the staff agreed on for the week 11 games. (The predicted winners are noted in bold.)

#10 Ohio State over #18 Michigan State. Heath Kyser and Obstructed Viewer were the only writers who picked #18 Michigan State to win.

#8 Washington State over Colorado. Eric Jensen was the only writer who picked Colorado to win.

#11 Kentucky over Tennessee. Heath Kyser was the only writer who picked Tennessee to win.

Utah over Oregon. Travis Calvin and Eric Jensen were the only writers who picked Oregon to win.

#2 Clemson over #17 Boston College. Tristan Beckmann and Heath Kyser were the only writers who picked #17 Boston College to win.

Now let’s look at the game picks that the staff had a lot of mixed feelings on for some of the week 11 games. (The predicted winners are noted in bold.)

The writers split on #23 Fresno State @ Boise State. Tristan Beckmann, Eric Jensen, Brian Willis, and Obstructed Viewer all picked Boise State to win. Travis Calvin, Heath Kyser, Chris Chastain, and Ian Cusick all picked #23 Fresno State to win.

#20 Penn State over Wisconsin. Tristan Beckmann, Travis Calvin, and Chris Chastain all picked Wisconsin to win.

Northwestern over #21 Iowa. Tristan Beckmann, Eric Jensen, and Obstructed Viewer all picked #21 Iowa to win.

#19 Texas over Texas Tech. Travis Calvin, Eric Jensen, and Obstructed Viewer all picked Texas Tech to win.


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