PSF College Football Weekly Pick’em: Week 13 Preview, Predictions, and Analysis

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 11: Kerryon Johnson #21 of the Auburn Tigers rushes against Tyler Clark #52 of the Georgia Bulldogs at Jordan Hare Stadium on November 11, 2017 in Auburn, Alabama. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

We’re baccckkkk!! The PSF CFB pick’em crew is finally back after a group bye week for the final week of the college football regular season. Heading into Week 13, the CFP Committee has released a few editions of their rankings this season and there was one notable change this week as Miami jumped Clemson for the #2 spot in the rankings. Week 13 is by far one of the best and most hyped up week’s of the college football season as rivalries are reignited and teams are looking to make one last push towards getting a spot in the college football playoff. With Conference Championship Games on the horizon, the PSF CFB staff is going to pick a lot of this week’s rivalry gamesand other very important games towards the CFP. So heading into this final week, let’s take a look at the updated standings for the PSF College Football Weekly Pick’em!

Standings through 12 Weeks:

  1. Jon Butler (300 Points)
  2. Tristan Beckmann (279 Points)
  3. Chris Chastain (269 Points)
  4. Dustin Beard (261 Points)
  5. Heath Kyser (249 Points)
  6. Eric Jensen (242 Points)
  7. Jack Geary III (229 Points)
  8. Brian Willis (N/A)

And don’t forget to check out all of our writers and experts on Twitter:

  • Tristan Beckmann (@TristanBeckmann)
  • Eric Jensen (@Eric18Utah)
  • Jon Butler (@DadSox)
  • Dustin Beard (@DBeard13)
  • Heath Kyser (@HeathKyser)
  • Brian Willis (@RealBrianWillis)
  • Jack Geary III (@JackGeary32)
  • Chris Chastain (@ChrisPSF)

Now let’s get the ball rolling with the game picks that everyone agreed on for some of the Week 13 Games. (Winners noted in bold)

  • #14 Mississippi State over Ole Miss.
  • #12 TCU over Baylor.
  • #19 Oklahoma State over Kansas.
  • #7 Georgia over Georgia Tech.
  • NC State over North Carolina.

Now let’s take a look at some of the games in which a majority of our staff agreed on the pick but one staff writer had other plans. (Winners noted in bold).

  • #2 Miami (FL) over Pittsburgh. Tristan Beckmann was the only writer who picked Pittsburgh to win.
  • #15 UCF over South Florida. Brian Willis was the only writer who picked South Florida to win.
  • Texas over Texas Tech. Eric Jensen and Jack Geary III were the only writers who picked Texas Tech to win.
  • UCLA over California. Eric Jensen and Dustin Beard were the only writers who picked California to win.
  • Louisville over Kentucky. Heath Kyser (SEC maniac) was the only writer who picked Kentucky to win.
  • #13 Washington State over #17 Washington. Tristan Beckmann and Chris Chastain were the only writers who picked #17 Washington to win.
  • Florida State over Florida. Tristan Beckmann and Eric Jensen were the only writers who picked Florida to win.
  • #9 Ohio State over Michigan. Brian Willis was the only writer who picked Michigan to win.
  • #3 Clemson over #24 South Carolina. Chris Chastain was the only writer who picked #24 South Carolina to win.
  • Arizona over Arizona State. Eric Jensen and Chris Chastain were the only writers who picked Arizona State to win.

Only a fraction of the Week 13 games are mixed in terms of predictions from our staff, but let’s see what our staff thinks about those very few games. (Winners noted in bold)

  • Houston over Navy. Heath Kyser, Chris Chastain, and Jack Geary III were the writers who picked Navy to win.
  • #25 Virginia Tech over Virginia. Tristan Beckmann, Eric Jensen, and Heath Kyser were the writers who picked Virginia to win.
  • #18 LSU over Texas A&M. Eric Jensen, Jack Geary III, and Chris Chastain were the writers who picked Texas A&M to win.
  • The staff is completely split on the #8Notre Dame @ #21 Stanford game. Jon Butler, Jack Geary III, Dustin Beard, and Brian Willis all picked #8 Notre Dame to win. Tristan Beckmann, Eric Jensen, Chris Chastain, Heath Kyser all picked #21 Stanford to win.

With all of that said, it is time for us to dive right in to the Picks and Analysis for this week’s rivalry week PSF Writers Game of the Week.

PSF Writers Pick Game of the Week:

#1 Alabama (11-0) @ #6 Auburn (9-2)

“The Iron Bowl”

(Sat. 11/25, 3:30 p.m. EST, CBS, ALA -4.5)

Tristan Beckmann: The Iron Bowl is finally back to its top levels on the college football world. Alabama and Auburn are both red-hot football teams with rising aspirations of winning the national title. Jalen Hurts has looked like a quarterback who has improved throwing the football while also making better decisions on the field. Alabama also has two very talented running backs in Damien Harris and Bo Scarborough. And everybody knows what Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide defenses are capable of. They can lock anyone in the country down and they don’t back down from a fight. Auburn won’t back down either especially with a trip to the SEC Championship game on the line here. After destroying top ranked Georgia a few weeks ago at Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn comes in with a chance to rumble it’s way into the top four. Auburn’s Star RB Kerryon Johnson will have to play good football to take some pressure off of quarterback Jarret Stidham and have a solid game on the ground against that stout Crimson Tide defense. Look for Johnson to dominate early as the Tigers take an early lead at the half. But I expect Alabama to dominate Auburn on both sides of the ball in the second half and down the stretch, Alabama is the better football team and with Nick Saban coaching them, there’s no way I see the Crimson Tide walking out of this one with a loss. #1 Alabama 28, #6 Auburn 19.

Brian Willis: Iron Bowl!! One of college football’s greatest rivalries is elevated to a higher level when both teams are ranked in the top ten. An Auburn Tigers squad, fresh off of handing Georgia their first loss is in another must win game if it wants to keep its playoff hopes alive. Auburn will have to do a few key things if they want to win this game: (1.) Pressure Jalen Hurts early and often. The only way to beat Alabama is to disrupt the flow of their offense and back them into a corner where they need to play from behind. (2.) Take away Calvin Ridley. Hurts’ main target is Calvin Ridley. Forcing him to throw to his other receivers could create uncomfortable throws for Hurts. On the other side of the ball the Crimson Tide have a few things they need to do to make sure this game he’s their way: (1.) Don’t let the Auburn run game wear your defense down. Kerryon Johnson is a battering ram for the Tigers and will be mixed in throughout the game to slowly soften up the Alabama defensive line. (2.) Force Auburn to pass. The Alabama defense is stellar in pass defense. The Tide have held opposing QBs to an average of 5.3 yards per pass. (#1 in college football) I can definitely see this game being a grinder. Auburn’s run game will eventually wear down Alabama’s defense however. #6 Auburn 24, #1 Alabama 23.

Chris Chastain: And the SEC West (as it should) comes down to the Iron Bowl. An undefeated Crimson Tide football team comes into this game banged up on the defensive side of the ball. However, Jalen Hurts and the Alabama offense has been able to carry the team up to now. But that changes on Saturday. I believe Auburn’s defense will force Jalen Hurts to throw the football more than he’s used to. This will be a close game but in the end of the Iron Bowl, Alabama’s title hopes will be in real jeopardy. #6 Auburn 30, #1 Alabama 27.

Dustin Beard: The Iron Bowl has become must watch football over the years thanks to Cam Newton, and the infamous 2013 Kick-Six. This year has a similar feel to the Iron Bowls of recent years. Auburn rolls in on a hot streak after just knocking off Georgia, and Alabama sits atop college football undefeated. Both of these SEC teams are very good football teams with tons of weapons on both sides of the ball, but this game is one that is going to be won in the trenches. To win Alabama is going to need to keep Jalen Hurts on his feet, and stop the Tigers from running the ball all over them. On the flip side, for Auburn to win they’re going to have to get constant pressure on Hurts, and they’re going to have to be able to run the ball against Alabama’s defense. The Alabama offensive line hasn’t been great this year, but I expect Hurts to make enough plays with his arm and legs to pull out the win in this one. Auburn will keep it close, but will ultimately fall short as they are going to struggle to move the chains against that stout Alabama defense. I’ll be taking Alabama 27-17 in another thrilling Iron Bowl. #1 Alabama 27, #6 Auburn 17.

Jon Butler: The Iron Bowl is here once again as Alabama and Auburn face off for the first time since last season’s blowout win for the Crimson Tide and we are in for a good one. Alabama is on top of the entire country while Auburn has been climbing the charts. Alabama’s pass offense is mostly structured by getting the ball to Calvin Ridley or letting Jalen Hurts take off running if he sees the opportunity. Saban’s squad has a very good run game, but they will have a tough matchup against Auburn’s defense, which has been excellent this season. Auburn’s defense is rated properly, but I think their offense doesn’t get as much love as it should. Auburn loves to run the ball to draw the defense in and then take shots downfield with Darrius Slayton and Will Hastings. That strategy requires you to run on Alabama’s defense, which is never an easy thing to do. Auburn hasn’t been able to run the ball as effectively in their toughest matchups this season and this will be their downfall as they drop this one to Alabama. #1 Alabama 24, #6 Auburn 17.

Heath Kyser: The Iron Bowl is back to the level that it deserves to be. With Auburn knocking off Georgia, Alabama and Auburn run into Jordan-Hare stadium with a berth to Atlanta on the line. #1 Alabama boasts maybe the most underrated QB in the entire country as Jalen Hurts continues to protect the football and make huge plays. Damien Harris leads a vaunted rushing attack that balances out Calvin Ridley’s ability to stretch the field. On Auburn’s side of the ball, look for running back Kerryon Johnson to attempt to establish himself as a legit Heisman contender in this game. Johnson has brought the thunder in SEC games this year between the tackles. Jarret Stidham has thrown the ball well, making it impossible to stack the box against the Tiger rushing attack. Look for the return of Christian Miller at outside linebacker for Alabama to be a huge difference in this game. Dylan Moses may be the most talented linebacker Alabama has, and a full game against Mercer allowed him to get his feet under him. I believe this to be the difference maker. Auburn got a few breaks against UGA, and Jacob Fromm is not good enough to hurt the safeties creeping up tight to the line. Hurts has enough presence in the pocket to make plays. Alabama’s offensive line wins in a battle of the trenches against the Auburn defensive line, and Bama pulls out a win on the road, 35-21. #1 Alabama 35, #6 Auburn 21.

Eric Jensen: #6 Auburn 31, #1 Alabama 28.

Jack Geary III: #6 Auburn 31, #1 Alabama 28.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed! Let us know what you think about our picks and give us your picks on Twitter! Peace out!


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