PSF College Football Weekly Pick’em: Week 9 Preview, Predictions, and Analysis

Wow. Week 8 was wild. Penn State toppled Michigan, USC got trounced by Notre Dame, and there were so many more tremendously hard fought football games. But now here we are, heading into Week 9, just about six days away from the first annual edition of the ol’ College Football Playoff Rankings. This upcoming week of football should be one for the ages, with four top 25 matchups being played. One of the games however stands out from the rest but we will get to that later on. For now, prepare yourself for another amazing batch of PSF Staff CFB Picks, and let’s get an updated look at the PSF CFB Pick’em Standings heading into Week 9!

  1. Jon Butler (223 points)
  2. Dustin Beard (202 points)
  3. Heath Kyser (193 points)
  4. Tristan Beckmann (190 points)
  5. Chris Chastain (187 points)
  6. Jack Geary III (177 points)
  7. Eric Jensen (165 points)

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Now let’s get the ball rolling with our Week 9 Consensus Picks!

Consensus Picks (Winners in bold):

  • #20 Stanford over Oregon State.
  • Texas over Baylor. 
  • #5 Wisconsin over Illinois. 
  • #3 Georgia over Florida. 
  • #12 Washington over UCLA.
  • #13 Virginia Tech over Duke. 
  • #10 Oklahoma over Texas Tech.

All Other Game Picks: 

Florida State @ Boston College

  • Tristan Beckmann: Florida State
  • Eric Jensen: Boston College
  • Jon Butler: Boston College
  • Dustin Beard: Boston College
  • Heath Kyser: Florida State
  • Jack Geary III: Florida State
  • Chris Chastain: Florida State

#11 Oklahoma State @ #22 West Virginia

  • Tristan Beckmann: #22 West Virginia
  • Eric Jensen: #11 Oklahoma State
  • Jon Butler: #11 Oklahoma State
  • Dustin Beard: #11 Oklahoma State
  • Heath Kyser: #11 Oklahoma State
  • Jack Geary III: #11 Oklahoma State
  • Chris Chastain: #11 Oklahoma State

California @ Colorado

  • Tristan Beckmann: Colorado
  • Eric Jensen: Colorado
  • Jon Butler: Colorado
  • Dustin Beard: Colorado
  • Heath Kyser: Colorado
  • Jack Geary III: California
  • Chris Chastain: Colorado

Louisville @ Wake Forest

  • Tristan Beckmann: Wake Forest
  • Eric Jensen: Louisville
  • Jon Butler: Louisville
  • Dustin Beard: Louisville
  • Heath Kyser: Louisville
  • Jack Geary III: Louisville
  • Chris Chastain: Louisville

#4 TCU @ #25 Iowa State

  • Tristan Beckmann: #25 Iowa State
  • Eric Jensen: #25 Iowa State
  • Jon Butler: #4 TCU
  • Dustin Beard: #4 TCU
  • Heath Kyser: #4 TCU
  • Jack Geary III: #4 TCU
  • Chris Chastain: #25 Iowa State

#14 NC State @ #9 Notre Dame

  • Tristan Beckmann: #9 Notre Dame
  • Eric Jensen: #9 Notre Dame
  • Jon Butler: #9 Notre Dame
  • Dustin Beard: #9 Notre Dame
  • Heath Kyser: #14 NC State
  • Jack Geary III: #9 Notre Dame
  • Chris Chastain: #14 NC State

#16 Michigan State @ Northwestern

  • Tristan Beckmann: #16 Michigan State
  • Eric Jensen: Northwestern 
  • Jon Butler: Northwestern 
  • Dustin Beard: #16 Michigan State
  • Heath Kyser: #16 Michigan State
  • Jack Geary III: #16 Michigan State
  • Chris Chastain: #16 Michigan State

Utah @ Oregon

  • Tristan Beckmann: Oregon
  • Eric Jensen: Oregon
  • Jon Butler: Utah
  • Dustin Beard: Oregon
  • Heath Kyser: Oregon
  • Jack Geary III: Utah
  • Chris Chastain: Oregon

Minnesota @ Iowa

  • Tristan Beckmann: Minnesota
  • Eric Jensen: Minnesota
  • Jon Butler: Iowa
  • Dustin Beard: Iowa
  • Heath Kyser: Iowa
  • Jack Geary III: Minnesota
  • Chris Chastain: Iowa

Mississippi State @ Texas A&M

  • Tristan Beckmann: Texas A&M
  • Eric Jensen: Mississippi State
  • Jon Butler: Texas A&M
  • Dustin Beard: Mississippi State
  • Heath Kyser: Mississippi State
  • Jack Geary III: Texas A&M
  • Chris Chastain: Texas A&M

Georgia Tech @ #7 Clemson

  • Tristan Beckmann: #7 Clemson
  • Eric Jensen: #7 Clemson
  • Jon Butler: #7 Clemson
  • Dustin Beard: #7 Clemson
  • Heath Kyser: #7 Clemson
  • Jack Geary III: Georgia Tech
  • Chris Chastain: #7 Clemson

#15 Washington State @ Arizona

  • Tristan Beckmann: #15 Washington St.
  • Eric Jensen: #15 Washington State
  • Jon Butler: #15 Washington State
  • Dustin Beard: #15 Washington State
  • Heath Kyser: #15 Washington State
  • Jack Geary III: #15 Washington State
  • Chris Chastain: Arizona

#21 USC @ Arizona State

  • Tristan Beckmann: Arizona State
  • Eric Jensen: Arizona State
  • Jon Butler: #21 USC
  • Dustin Beard: #21 USC
  • Heath Kyser: #21 USC
  • Jack Geary III: #21 USC
  • Chris Chastain: #21 USC

PSF’s College Football Writers Pick Game of the Week:

#2 Penn State @ #6 Ohio State

(3:30 P.M. EST, FOX, OSU -6.5)

Jon Butler: This game is all about revenge for Ohio State after being defeated last year by Penn State in overtime, which allowed Penn State to claim the Big Ten Championship. This time though, I expect the outcome to be much different. Ohio State has the 5th most offensive yards so far this season while Penn State is 33rd, a difference of about 800 yards. The ground game of Ohio State is the biggest difference between these two schools thanks to running back J.K. Dobbins and the athleticism of quarterback J.T. Barrett. Saquon Barkley has been excellent for Penn State, but Ohio State will be focusing on limiting him in this game. Ohio State has the talent up front to limit Barkley in this game and will do just that on the way to a 27-21 victory, giving Ohio State a 7-1 record and the inside track to a Big Ten Championship. #6 Ohio State 27, #2 Penn State 21.

Tristan Beckmann: Many would say that Penn State’s football program was revived with their upset win against Ohio State last season. There’s so much at stake for this game. Both teams gain an inside edge towards the Big Ten Championship if they come out victorious. This game is filled with playoff implications as one team will go up in the rankings, while the other may suffer a narrow fall. Urban Meyer and his Buckeyes are hot right now and Penn State is as well. Ohio State lost earlier at home this year to a top ten ranked Oklahoma Sooners squad but don’t except Urban Meter to let that happen again. They’ve only lost three home games in the last five seasons. Penn State won’t go down easily and watch out for Heisman favorite RB Saquon Barkley against that tough nosed Ohio State defense. Barkley will play well early on in the game but the defense will wear him out as the game goes on. Expect a heroic performance from J.T. Barrett, who owes it to many Ohio State fans and is out to prove himself to some fans calling for his benching. I’ve got Ohio State winning this one late in the fourth in a closely contested game throughout. #6 Ohio State 30, #2 Penn State 24.

The other writers Picks:

Jack Geary III: 

#2 Penn State 31, #6 Ohio State 23.

Chris Chastain:

#6 Ohio State 30, #2 Penn State 23.

Heath Kyser:

#2 Penn State 35, #6 Ohio State 21.

Dustin Beard:

#2 Penn State 32, #6 Ohio State 24.

Eric Jensen:

#2 Penn State 35, #6 Ohio State 33.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed! Let us know what you think about our picks and give us yours on Twitter! Peace out!


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