PSF Divisional Round Pickem, Four Remain.

So, we move onto the second round of our PSF pickem an RIP to some of our competitors who have fallen out.

Brian Willis (@RealBrianWillis): Still decided to make his picks.
Falcons 31 Eagles 28
Patriots 35 Titans 17
Steelers 34 Jaguars 27
Saints 41 Vikings 34

Jordan Foote (@bestfootfwd): Still decided to make his picks.
Falcons 30 Eagles 17
Patriots 35 Titans 21
Steelers 24 Jaguars 13
Saints 28 Vikings 24

Heath (@heathkyser)
Jackson Gilbride

Alright let’s get back to it, the second round.
Jon Butler (1) vs Kyle Richardson (4)
Falcons at Eagles
Jon: Falcons 23, Eagles 13 Kyle: Falcons 17 Eagles 10
Titans at Patriots
Jon: Patriots 34, Titans 20 Kyle: Pats 35 Titans 30
Jaguars at Steelers
Jon: Steelers 20, Jaguars 13 Kyle: Steelers 27 Jaguars 10
Saints at Vikings
Jon: Saints 27, Vikings 17 Kyle: Vikings 21 Saints 10

Eric Jensen (2) vs Dustin Beard (3)
Falcons at Eagles
Eric: Falcons 20 Eagles 13 Dustin: Falcons 24 Eagles 21
Titans at Patriots
Eric: Patriots 41 Titans 23 Dustin: Patriots 28 Titans 17
Jaguars at Steelers
Eric: Steelers 30 Jaguars 10 Dustin: Jaguars 17 Steelers 24
Saints at Vikings
Eric: Minnesota 33 New Orleans 29 Dustin: Vikings 30 Saints 28

Chris Chastain (1) vs Patrick Norton (4)
Falcons at Eagles
Chris: Falcons 24, Eagles 17 Patrick: Eagles 31, Falcons 17
Titans at Patriots
Chris: Patriots 38, Titans 16 Patrick: Patriots 37, Titans 16
Jaguars at Steelers
Chris: Steelers 30, Jaguars 14 Patrick: Jaguars 24, Steelers 23
Saints at Vikings
Chris: Vikings 29, Saints 23 Patrick: Saints 35, Vikings 24


Tristan Beckmann (2) vs Ian Cusick (3)
Falcons at Eagles
Tristan: Falcons 23, Eagles 13 Ian: Eagles 27 Falcons 23
Titans at Patriots
Tristan: Patriots 34, Titans 16 Ian: Patriots 38 Titans 17
Jaguars at Steelers
Tristan: Steelers 29, Jaguars 16 Ian: Jaguars 31 Steelers 28
Saints at Vikings
Tristan: Saints 27, Vikings 23 Ian: Saints 24 Vikings 21



Falcons at Eagles
Chris Chastain
This matchup between the Eagles and Falcons will be a good one to tune into. I know, I know there’s no Carson Wentz. But i still think Nick Foles is a decent quarterback. However, If Nick Foles is anything short of decent this game could get ugly against a Falcons defense that just held the best offense in the league to 13 points. For the Falcons, I think their pretty safe in this game if they can keep the turnovers down and play at the performance of last week. You might wonder why i believe this game will be a good on, The reason i think it has the chance to be good is because of the eagles defensive line. It’s one of the better ones in the league. And i don’t think the Falcons will have a great day running the football. This game will likely depend on Matt Ryan’s arm offensively. And based off what i watched against the Rams i like the chances of him having a decent day. I have Atlanta winning a close one 27-20

Patrick Norton
When the Eagles host the Falcons, many expect the main storyline to surround Nick Foles’s ability to lead Philadelphia to a victory after taking over for Carson Wentz at the tail end of the regular season. Sure, it’ll be discussed, but when I made the decision to stick with Philly, my biggest concern was with Atlanta’s run game. They have to find a way to be successful on the ground to open up the playbook for Matt Ryan. If they fail to do so, it’ll just be a matter of if Foles can put points on the home side of the scoreboard.


Jaguars at Steelers
Kyle Richardson
No long introduction about how the Jaguars are good and this will be a tough game or other cliches about good playoff matchups. The Steelers should win this game. The Jaguars have a tough defense, but are playing on the road against a Steelers team that is close to full health. Antonio Brown has been practicing, but could still be limited. Brown is not my x factor in this game though, it’s Juju Smith-Schuster. Ramsey will shadow Brown and the Jaguars have a tough enough run defense to keep Le’Veon Bell in check. Smith-Schuster will be in for a big game as the Jaguars defense will have too much to handle in other aspects. Even though the Steelers defense has struggled after losing Ryan Shazier, give me the Steelers D over the Jaguars offense. The Steelers offense will struggle early, but come on in the fourth quarter to seal up the win 27-10.

Leveon Bell PNG

Tristan Beckmann
The next game of the AFC divisional round will be the Jacksonville Jaguars heading to Heinz Field to face off against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Jaguars dominated the Steelers earlier this season and Ben Roethlisberger threw five interceptions. Now I believe that this Jaguars defense is good but not quite good enough to duplicate that type of performance. The Jaguars are immature and inexperienced. If not for the Bills being so lackluster last week, this team likely would’ve been sitting at home on the couch instead of playing the Steelers. This game will get out of hand for the Jaguars as the Steelers will have too many weapons for Jacksonville to try to match up with. Le’Veon Bell will run all over the Jaguars defense and this will allow the dynamic receiving duo of Antonio Brown and Juju Smith-Schuster to get free for big plays. Ben Roethlisberger is a veteran quarterback with multiple Super Bowl championships and he will not have to attempt 55 passes against Jacksonville this time around. For the Jaguars offensive hopes, quarterback Blake Bortles just isn’t good enough to lead his offense to multiple touchdowns in this type of playoff environment. I’m going with the Pittsburgh Steelers to end off a miraculous turnaround season for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Pittsburgh Steelers 31, Jacksonville Jaguars 16.



Titans at Patriots

Tristan Beckmann
The AFC’s divisional round will kick off with the New England Patriots hosting the Tennessee Titans in my opinion. I predicted that the Titans would defeat the Chiefs in the Wildcard Round and they did just that. The Patriots are led by arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time in Tom Brady and at home in Gillette Stadium, I don’t see the Titans upending them. The Patriots will figure out a way to game-plan against Titans workhorse running back Derrick Henry and their young, mobile quarterback in Marcus Mariota. Bill Belichick will have the Patriots defense ready to play and they’re too good for a Titans offense that’s had its fair share of ups and downs this season. Tom Brady will dominate and Dion Lewis will have another workhorse back type game. Expect Marcus Mariota to struggle in this game with Henry and Delanie Walker locked up. He won’t carry his Titans to a victory or anything close to it. New England Patriots 34, Tennessee Titans 16.


Ian Cusick
I applaud the Tennessee Titans for proving me wrong and moving on in the playoffs in one of the wildest playoff games I’ve seen that doesn’t start with “Super Bowl”. But, just their luck, they get to play the Super Bowl favorite New England Patriots. So this won’t be close. Tom Brady is a much better quarterback than Alex Smith, and this Patriots team is a lot less likely to blow a 3-score lead than the Chiefs. I’ll take the Patriots in a 21-point bludgeoning as they move towards their 7th straight AFC Championship game appearance.

Saints at Vikings

Dustin Beard
In week one when the Minnesota Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints 29-19, both football teams looked a lot different. It was Bradford, and Dalvin Cook who defeated Brees, and Adrian Peterson in that game. Only one of those players, Brees, is suited to play this weekend. This game is going to be a great game between the best two football teams in the NFC. Both teams have a plethora of weapons on the offensive side of the ball, and have an exceptional defense to go with it. This is going to be the game of the playoffs in my opinion, and is going to come down to which defense makes the biggest play. For that reason, I think that Vikings lead by Everson Griffen, Xavier Rhodes, and Harrison Smith, will pull out a big win at home and down the Saints in a thriller, 30-28!



Eric Jensen
New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings

The last game of the week, and the best game. This game is so hard for me to pick so let’s go through position by position.

QB: Advantage Saints, I’m not going to sit here and tell you Case Keenum is better than Drew Brees. I will tell you I expect him to play a great game.

RB: Advantage Vikings, listen if the Panthers could hold down the Saints running game to under 100 yards I have no doubt the Vikings can do the same. The Vikings backfield isn’t to shabby itself, Latavius Murray is one of the most underrated backs in the league. Murray ran for 842 yards and 8 touchdowns this year. Pair that with a speed back in Jerrick Mckinnon who can hurt you on second down and you have a scary looking rushing attack.

WR: Advantage Saints, Michael Thomas had his “pay attention to me because I’m a top 5 wide out” game Sunday and that carries over as it has all year. Pair that with Ted Ginn Junior and Brandon Coleman along with red zone threat Josh Hill and you have a very dangerous passing attack.

Defense: Advantage Vikings, they lead the league in every major defensive category. Not to overshadow a Saints defense that terrorized Cam Newton and paralyzed the Panthers in the red zone.

So where does all of this leave us? The Saints are playing out of their minds right now but the Vikings are just as good. This game will come down to the final play, I see the Vikings and Saints defenses dominating early and the offenses showing up in the second half. Minnesota is my Super Bowl pick, this is their most major road block and whoever wins this game will win the Super Bowl, I’m taking Minnesota.

Minnesota 33 New Orleans 29


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