PSF NFL Weekly Pick’em: Week 13 Preview, Predictions, and Analysis

Welcome back to the 13th edition of the extravagant PSF NFL Weekly Pick’em. Week 12 was really exciting as Thanksgiving football commenced and we continued to learn a lot about who is a true contender and who might just be a pretender. But as we head into the final stretch run of the season and beyond, playoffs are the thing on many teams minds as they crunch the numbers on their path.

The PSF NFL pick’em crew is in its second season, with a few new faces, a new indefinite leader, and some of your favorite pickers. Without further ado, let’s meet everyone on the crew. Be sure to check them out on twitter and give everybody a follow. They’re genuinely great people and are worth a follow.

  • Tristan Beckmann (@TBeckmann24)
  • Chris Chastain (@ChrisC_01)
  • Ian Cusick (@IanMCusick)
  • Eric Jensen (@eric18utah)
  • Alex Levin (@TubaDeus)
  • Alex (@ProSportsFandom)
  • Brian Willis (@RealBrianWillis)
  • Tim (@ObstructedView2)

And before we start, I’m going to remind you of the format used in the pick’em. Each week of the season, the crew will pick every NFL games and we will publish our picks on Pro Sports Fandom. At the conclusion of the week, we will calculate the results and update our standings. At the end of the season, the picker with the best overall record will be crowned as the PSF NFL Pick’em Champion. Here’s the updated standings through 12 weeks of action!


1. Brian Willis (116-59)

2. Tristan Beckmann (115-60)

3. Obstructed Viewer (113-62)

T4. Ian Cusick (106-69)

T4. Alex Levin (106-69)

6. Chris Chastain (102-73)

7. PSF (100-75)

8. Eric Jensen (97-78)

Let’s start off with the game picks that everyone agreed on for the week 13 games. (The predicted winners are noted in bold.)

New Orleans Saints over Dallas Cowboys.

Denver Broncos over Cincinnati Bengals.

Chicago Bears over New York Giants.

Los Angeles Rams over Detroit Lions.

Indianapolis Colts over Jacksonville Jaguars.

Carolina Panthers over Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Kansas City Chiefs over Oakland Raiders.

Tennessee Titans over New York Jets.

Seattle Seahawks over San Francisco 49ers.

Philadelphia Eagles over Washington Redskins.

Now let’s see the game picks that mostly everyone agreed on for the 13th week of games. (The predicted winners are noted in bold.)

Houston Texans over Cleveland Browns. Brian Willis was the only writer who picked the Browns to win.

Green Bay Packers over Arizona Cardinals. Eric Jensen was the only writer who picked the Cardinals to win.

New England Patriots over Minnesota Vikings. Eric Jensen was the only writer who picked the Vikings to win.

Now let’s see the game picks that the group had mixed opinions on for week 13’s games. (The predicted winners are noted in bold.)

Baltimore Ravens over Atlanta Falcons. Tristan Beckmann, Brian Willis, and Chris Chastain all picked the Falcons to win.

Pittsburgh Steelers over Los Angeles Chargers. Chris Chastain, Eric Jensen, and Ian Cusick all picked the Chargers to win.


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