PSF NHL Season Preview

1. Pittsburgh Penguins
2. Nashville Predators
3. Edmonton Oilers
4. Ottawa Senators
5. Tampa Bay Lightning
Two big suprises in this top 5 that shouldn’t be. Nashville at two, James Neal and Collin Wilson were the only losses for this team in the offseason. What’s holding them back from making the playoffs and having another run for the cup? Second surprise, Tampa Bay. They shouldn’t be they lost one of the top five forwards in the league for most of their season last year and they still fought for a playoff spot. With Steven Stamkos back I one hundred percent believe this team can return to the cup chase.
6. Washington Capitals
7. Chicago Blackhawks
8. Toronto Maple Leafs
9. Montreal Canadiens
10. Minnesota Wild
The most interesting tear of the power rankings and most intriguing in my opinion. After a disappointing playoff exit yet again the Capitals decided to go with youth rather than veteran depth. In Chicago the Blackhawks shipped of Artemi Panarin and lost Marion Hossa to a skin issue that has his playing career in question. The Hawks gained back Brandon Saad, Chicago is clearly aware they have slipped from the NHL dynasty conversation recently and are loading up for a deep playoff run. Toronto has a ton of pressure on them but brought in vets like Patrick Marleau to bring veteran calm to a young locker room, the scary part is Auston Matthews, William Nylander and Morgan Rielly can only get better. The Canadiens finally went and addressed the offense with the acquisition of Johnathan Drouin and Minnesota ditched vets for younger depth like Tyler Ennis. Any of these teams could make a potential surprise run at the Presidents trophy and all should be considered Cup contenders.
11. Boston Bruins
12. Saint Louis Blues
13. Anaheim Ducks
14. Columbus Blue Jackets
15. New York Rangers
What do three of these five teams have in common? They are getting old. The Ducks offensive core with Perry and Getzlaf is still dangerous but they might start slowing down soon. The Rangers are no spring chickens either and Hendrick Lundqvuist only has so many years left. If the Rangers, Ducks, and Blues want to win a cup the window is rapidly closing.
16. Winnipeg Jets
17. San Jose Sharks
18. New York Islanders
19. Calgary Flames
20. Los Angeles Kings
Winnipeg is incredibly fast young and talented. That usually spells success in the NHL they got Steve Mason to shore up that goaltending situation it’s about time we take Winnipeg seriously as a playoff contender. Jordan Eberle joins an Islanders team in need of a bounce back year if they want to convince John Tavares to re-sign. Anders lee shores up a talented first line the question for the Islanders is there defense. Nick Leddy and Dennis Siedenberg aren’t necessarily the dream set of top two defenseman.
21. Florida Panthers
22. Philadelphia Flyers
23. Carolina Hurricanes
24. New Jersey Devils
25. Buffalo Sabres
Florida and Philadelphia will challenge for playoff spots. Lookout for Buffalo to be sneaky competitive Jack Eichel jus keeps getting better. Jason Borterelli sorting out a mess of a locker room will certainly help to.
26. Dallas Stars
27. Arizona Coyotes
28. Vancouver Canucks
29. Vegas Golden Knights
30. Detroit Red Wings
31. Colorado Avalanche
My father is an Aves fan so it pains me to put his team here but it is where they belong. At the bottom of the league. Matt Duchesne is most likely traded by midseason, the rebuild will be hard and long. The argument could be made Dallas should be in the low 20s but they have to prove they have improved first in my opinion.

Devan Dubnyk

Playoff teams
Pittsburgh Penguins
Tampa Bay Lightning
Washington Capitals
Ottawa Senators
Toronto Maple Leaf’s
Montreal Canadiens
Columbus Blue Jackets
New York Islanders
Edmonton Oilers
Chicago Blackhawks
Nashville Predators
Minnesota Wild
Saint Louis Blues
Winnipeg Jets
Anaheim Ducks
Calgary Flames
Play off Predictions
Round 1
Pittsburgh vs New York Islanders
Though the Islanders will come in hot the Penguins have the experience and beat the Isles in 7.
Washington vs Columbus
The Blue Jackets have matured into something more than just a surprise team by the end of the year. The Capitals have lost there veteran depth and playoff chokes are what they do. The Blue Jackets “stun” the Capitals in 6.
Tampa Bay vs Montreal
Tampa makes its triumphant return to the playoffs with a bang. Tyler Johnson and Steven Stamkos become the leaders of this team and shut former Tampa sniper Johnathan Drouin down. Carey Price can’t do enough to win the series. Lightning in 5
Toronto vs Ottowa
Toronto’s young talent skates circles around Ottawa’s vets after dropping the first two games, Maple Leafs in 6.
Round 2
Pittsburgh vs Columbus
Columbus continues its hot streak and Joh Tortorella out coaches Mike Sullivan the Blue Jackets eliminate the kings of hockey in 7.
Tampa Bay vs Toronto
An extremely high scoring series that comes down to game 7 but Frederick Anderson closes the door on the series and the Maple Leafs go to the conference finals.
Eastern Conference Finals
Toronto vs Columbus
Wow neither of these teams are expected to be in this game what are you doing? Are the NHL playoffs ever what we expect? No that’s what makes them great. I love hockey for that reason and I love a hot Toronto to win in 7. Toronto the east rep to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Round 1
Chicago vs Winnipeg
While the Jets give the Hawks a scare Joe Quenville isn’t going to be embarrassed in the first round again, Blackhawks in 6.
Edmonton vs Minnesota
The Oilers are the number 3 team in the power rankings but they aren’t the number one seed going into the playoffs so they play the first wild card Minnesota. McDavid and the Oilers aren’t challenged though and the Oil take it in 5.

Nashville vs Saint Louis
Nashville is bigger badder and now more experienced they may not win the cup but they sweep the Blues.
Anaheim vs Calgary
Johnny Hockey and the flames win there first playoff series since 2014, Calgary in 6.
Round 2
Chicago vs Nashville
A fast furious and nasty series that goes the distance, the Preds were a great story but great stories don’t happen two years in a row usually. The Blackhawks win in 7.
Edmonton vs Calgary
Connor Mcdavid and a more experienced core win in 5 games.
Western Conference Finals
Chicago vs Edmonton
There are some things that just don’t change I am an Oilers fan but I am also a realist the Blackhawks went out and made a statement this offseason, they aren’t here to look flashy there here to win a cup. Chicago wins in 7 games.

PK Subban
Stanley Cup Finals
Chicago vs Toronto
The Blackhawks don’t show for game one of the series, then wake up for the next two, Mike Babcok can coach a team though and the Maple Leafs win there first cup since the 1964 season.
Toronto Maple Leafs



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