PSF Top 25

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As we cruise into yet another fantastic weekend of College basketball, lets take a look at Eric Jensen’s PSF top 25 rankings.
1. Villanova: Nova took care of Xavier this week. That and the fact they only have one loss in the tough big east is why they have the Number one spot.
2. West Virginia: WVU has beaten Baylor, KSU, and Oklahoma. They have more top 25 wins than Virginia does and that is why they sit at the Number two spot in the country.
3. Virginia: Beating UNC and Syracuse in a week is an excellent resume builder.
4. Purdue: The Boilermakers are the most underrated team in the nation. They’ve beaten really good teams this year but because they lost to Tennessee early they fly slightly under the radar. Carson Edwards and Isacc Haws have Purdue on a collision course for a two seed in the tourney.
5. Wichita State: Wichita has played extremely well without their top scorer this year. They’ve taken a step up in competition and are owning that competition. I would love to see this team in the Big 12 at some point in my life time. Also they get ranked above Michigan State because the Spartans barely escaped with a win vs Rutgers.
6. Michigan State
7. Duke
8. Oklahoma
9. Texas Tech
10. Kansas
11. Cincinnati
12. Kentucky
13. Xavier
14. Miami
15. Arizona
16. Auburn
17. Gonzaga
18. TCU
19. Clemson
20. Seton Hall
21. Arizona State
22. UNC
23. Florida
24. Florida State
25. Texas A and M


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