Psf Top 25 College Basketball Rankings

1. Michigan State
2. Arizona State
3. Wichita State
4. Villanova
5. Duke
6. UNC
7. Miami
8. Xavier
9. Kentucky
10. Texas A&M
11. Gonzaga
12. Virginia
13. Notre Dame
14. Kansas
15. West Virginia
16. Seton Hall
17. TCU
18. Tennessee
19. Florida State
20. Baylor
21. Cincinnati
22. Purdue
23. Texas Tech
24. Florida
25. Arkansas

There are major changes at the top of the rankings this week! Kansas, Duke, Notre Dame, all dealt crushing blows since Thanksgiving. So, the question must be asked, who is the best team in the nation? The answer is simple in my opinion.
There is a team that has beaten Notre Dame and pushed Duke to the brink, that team being the Spartans of Michigan State. Led by Miles Bridges, I see them being better than Villanova. ‘Nova has had a particularly light schedule their two hardest games being against Tennessee and Gonzaga. Meanwhile, Michigan State has played Duke, North Carolina, and Notre Dame, all perennial college basketball giants. The AP are blind fools for putting Nova number one.

Continuing on, Arizona State thoroughly beat Xavier earlier in the season and pulled off the upset against a Kansas team that was ranked number 2 in the country at the time of the defeat. They grab the 2 spot over Villanova simply because I believe ASU is a better team. Pertaining to Duke, Duke falls to five, and I feel like you really can’t justify putting them lower than that with their wins thus far this year.
North Carolina has played extremely well without one of their top scorers in Joel Berry and have fought through the injury to guard Cameron Johnson. An extremely tough schedule lies ahead for UNC. We will learn if this team is built for March in January. UNC has that tough schedule because the ACC is the best conference in college basketball right now. Especially with the early season dominance of the Miami Hurricanes.

Speaking of the ‘Canes, Miami is one of the highest scoring and fastest paced teams in the country. The Hurricanes don’t have one superstar that really stands out. Instead the U prescribes to the usage of a group of good but not great players. Dewan Huell, Dejan Vasiljevic, Bruce Brown Jr., and JeQaun Newton all average over ten points a game. Miami could be put over UNC, but I just believe in UNC more right now.
Kansas falls all the way to 13. Their loss to Washington is what really kills them. Are they a bad team? No, they should be expected to finish in the top 5 but for now they reside outside the top ten with a few tough losses already this year.

Florida falls all the way to 24 despite a close win against a Cincinnati team ranked at 21. Florida is a team that has seemingly lost its spark. They look lethargic. A team that is the opposite of lethargic? Arkansas. This team deserves our love.. They beat Oklahoma who many consider a top 25 team. The argument against Arkansas would be their loss to Houston. Houston isn’t awful but they lost to a pretty bad team in Drexler. Jaylan Barford has the Razorbacks in the Top 25.


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