PSF Top 25 Duke Jumps Back To Number 1

With a massive slate of College Basketball coming up this weekend here are the PSF Top 25. With explanation of why the top five are where they are. Now to defend some of the takes here. Miami drops out of the top 25 if you look at there schedule they don’t really have any good wins. Minnesota is a top 45 team according to Kenpom, the official statistical center of the NCAA, but that’s it. They’ve lost to a bad New Mexico team and a worse Georgia Tech game and it wasn’t close Georgia Tech handled Miami. Arkansas ranks above Auburn and Mississippi State because of strength of schedule, enjoy.



1.       Duke: It would be very hard not to have Duke as the best team in the country at this point. After rebounding from an embarrassing BC loss earlier this year.


2.       Michigan State: Miles Bridges and the Spartans have taken care of an easy schedule but still lost to Duke early. They sit just below the blue devils.


3.       Villanova: The Big East is extremely tough this year and Nova has better wins in my opinion than the team I have at four.


4.       Wichita State: Yes they had an unlucky loss to Notre Dame and lost to Oklahoma, but it turns out Oklahoma is one of the best teams in the nation. That’s why Wichita State jumps back into the top 5.


5.       Oklahoma: Trae Young is the talk of College basketball for a reason. The Sooners are a top 5 team with top 5 wins.


6.       Xavier


7.       Arizona


8.       Virginia


9.       Purdue


10.   Texas Tech


11.   West Virginia


12.   TCU


13.   Arizona State


14.   Kansas


15.   Kentucky


16.   Seton Hall


17.   Cincinnati


18.   Gonzaga


19.   Clemson


20.   Florida State


21.   UNC


22.   Arkansas


23.   Mississippi State


24.   Auburn


25.   Boise State





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