PSF Top 25

With conference play starting in college basketball this weekend here are my current top 25 college basketball rankings. I will be releasing these semi weekly into February. Enjoy.

1. Michigan State
2. Arizona State
3. Villanova
4. Duke
5. UNC
6. Texas A&M
7. West Virginia
8. Kansas
9. Xavier
10. Kentucky
11. Wichita
12. Oklahoma
13. Virginia
14. Miami
15. TCU
16. Tennessee
17. Texas Tech
18. Arizona
19. Florida State
20. Seton Hall
21. Arkansas
22. Cincinnati
23. Gonzaga
24. Clemson
25. Purdue

I continue to believe that Michigan State has the best resume in the country and for that reason they remain number one. UNC climbs into the top 5 after a good win verse Ohio State. Although a very good Oklahoma State team gave them a scare West Virginia climbs into the top ten. After a rough few weeks Kansas has rebounded and beat down on the teams they have been expected to beat down on. Kentucky lost to UCLA yes but when it mattered they blew out arch rival Louisville. Miami drops because of there loss to New Mexico which some are blaming on the schedule. Texas Tech has played incredibly well this year and dominated Baylor last night so they grab the 17 spot, I wanted to put them higher but I respect TCU to much. Clemson sneaks in simply because they have some very good wins including one against Florida. Yes Florida is struggling but you can’t discount a win like that. Purdue falls to 25, I’m not in love with the way this team plays and personally believe they are a little over hyped. However they have the wins necessary to be a Top 25 team so they barely make the cut.


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