PSF Week 3 NFL Pickem

PSF Game of the Week Rams@Cowboys

Ian Cusick

The Rams have looked shockingly good. Jared Goff looks a lot more comfortable in the pocket and he’s making throws that are comparable to that of Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady. Now I am by no means on the hype train for Goff yet but he looks pretty good. The Ram’s big selling point is the defense, where players like Aaron Donald pose a massive threat to offenses in the NFL. The Cowboys have looked inconsistent this season, and it’s evident that when Ezekiel Elliott isn’t playing well, this offense does not play well. If the Rams can shut down Elliott, this Cowboy offense will look sluggish and overall not good. Dallas’ defense is formidable, with DeMarcus Lawrence currently at 7.0 sacks through 3 games. Dallas’s defense will have to step up if the offense starts lagging.
Rams 22, Cowboys 17

Jon Butler

We are 3 weeks into the 2017 NFL season and both of these teams look like playoff competitors, not pretenders.  The Cowboys are currently in a 3 way tie with the Eagles and Redskins for the division crown in the NFC East while the Rams sit atop the NFC West all by themselves over the 1-2 Seahawks. The Rams currently have the most total team points at 107 while Dallas is sitting at 64 points as a team.  A lot of this skewed since the Rams faced a Scott Tolzien led Colts team in week 1, however, they have improved a lot from their 2016 campaign.
I expect the Cowboys to win this game because of their ability to keep pressure off of Dak Prescott with the stellar offensive line they have.  Witten should be much more involved than he was in the most recent game on Monday night versus the Cardinals.  I also expect Ezekiel Elliott to have an excellent game against a Rams team that has allowed 139 rushing yards per game through the first 3 games.  I am looking forward to rookie wide receiver Cooper Kupp matching up with any of the Dallas corners since we haven’t seen much from him the last 2 weeks after he had a great game in week 1.  The LA Rams are going to give Dallas a good fight this week, but I expect the Cowboys to be able to walk away with a win this week.
Pick: Dallas Cowboys 27, LA Rams 20


Chris Chastain

This game is very intriguing for me. Dallas doesn’t look as dominate as i thought they would. especially on the offensive line. I don’t see how we should expect to see a better Dallas O-Line this week with one of the better defensive lines in the league coming into town. Aaron Donald will likely be on Tyron Smith. That’s what this game will really come down to. But also considering that Jared Goff has shown much improvement so far this season. He should have his way against a Poor Dallas defense. With all of that said i am picking the Cowboys to win the game mainly because of home field advantage. If this were played in LA i’d pick the Rams.
PICK: Dallas 23, LA Rams 17


Dustin Beard

Who would have thought Jared Goff and the Rams offense would be more prolific than the Cowboys right now? Jared Goff has gotten off to a flaming start, while Dak and Zeke have started out fairly slow. That will all change this Sunday however. After beating up on bad teams in weeks one and three, and losing to the Redskins in week two, the Rams face their toughest opponent to date in week four. The Cowboys defense, and more specifically Demarcus Lawrence looked good against the Cardinals Monday night and I expect that to carry over against the Rams. Cowboys take this one 32-24

Eric Jensen

Jared Goff looked awesome against the 49ers. The major plus for him is that the Dallas defense isn’t that much better, if the Rams O line can neutralize Demarcus Lawrence then the Rams have a real shot to go into Jerrah world and upset the Cowboys. Although Dak and Zeke look to be getting back into sync I believe this Rams team is on the rise and  ready to roll. I am taking Jared Goff and the Rams in Dallas baby!

Rams 24 Cowboys14

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