PSF’s Eric Jensen’s Ultimate Season Preview

1. Golden State
2. Houston
3. Cleveland
4. Oklahoma City
5. San Antonio
Golden State is still at the top of the mountain easily. You add a great 3-point guy like Nick Young and you have another bench weapon. Houston gets the edge over Cleveland because with the addition of Chris Paul that offense should be one of the best in the league. Losing Kyrie really hurts Cleveland especially if they start slow and the LeBron’s temper starts to flare. It’s now or never for the Cavs this is probably the last year they keep James barring some big mid-season moves. The Spurs are at five, this was the hardest spot for me to give but I hand it to the Spurs. Yes, San Antonio is getting old but they have the best two way player in the league in Kawhi Leonard and the Bill Belichick of basketball strategy in Gregg Popovich. Those two things make them hard to leave out of the top five.

harden and cps
6. Boston
7. Minnesota
8. Portland
9. Memphis
10. New Orleans
Boston made wholesale changes this offseason with the additions of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. Though losing Isaiah Thomas to the Cavs may seem like a disadvantage in my opinion Kyrie is twice the player Thomas is. Minnesota may not be high enough on this list. Karl Anthony Towns, Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins that’s a super team if you get Wiggins to play to his full potential. Jeff Teague is a serviceable point guard but it will also be interesting to see Kris Dunn’s development. Portland will always be able to ball with Damian Lilard. Memphis made huge strides last offseason and Mike Conley is quietly one of the most efficient guard’s in the league. I really believe in New Orleans I think year two of the twin towers gels and Davis and Boogie become a force I could see this team in the playoffs.

11. Milwaukee
12. Washington
13. Toronto
14. Utah
15. Lakers
This Group of teams simply didn’t do enough in the offseason or were hurt by major losses. I love Giannis but the Bucks missed major opportunities to pair him with another super star given all the moves this offseason. Kyle Lowry didn’t leave Toronto but I would not be at all surprised if they try to ditch him midseason. Spoiler that partnership between Lowry and Demar Derozan is not going to be as good this year and cause some major shakiness in the locker room. The Jazz were really hurt by Gordon Hayward choosing Boston, but Donovan Mitchell looks like a worthy successor. Although it may not shine through this year. Speaking of things that might disappoint, the Lakers got their golden boy Lonzo Ball. Who knows though, show me something daddies boy.


16. LA Clippers
17. Philadelphia
18. Detroit
19. Miami
20. Phoenix
Blake Griffin got a big pay day but a worse team. The Sixers hype is building and if they can all stay healthy (yet to be seen) you should by in. Detroit continues a painful rebuild but Andre Drummond grabs them a top 20 spot because he’s a top 20 player. Miami continues to rebuild and wait for a Hassan Whiteside break out year, and Phoenix is a team filled with young talent but that just needs one veteran super star, semi superstar, hell a solid veteran starter to succeed.

21. Hornets
22. Atlanta
23. Dallas
24. New York
25. Denver
The Hornets could be higher on this list but I just couldn’t convince myself. Atlanta is a decent team with decent players and they’ll have a decent season. Dallas is a prime contender to implode and tank this year. The Knicks have Kristaps Porzingis and that’s it. Very little hope for Colorado.

Myles Turner
26. Brooklyn
27. Sacramento
28. Orlando
29. Chicago
30. Indiana
What do you want me to say? All these teams decided to sell and sell hard. Its not my fault that literally 10 of the NBAs 30 teams cant stay competitive and never really have reason for hope. It’s a league that rewards big name markets and teams with big name super stars. Case and Point Golden State.


1. Golden State
2. Houston
3. Oklahoma City
4. San Antonio
5. Minnesota
6. Memphis
7. Portland
8. Utah



1. Boston
2. Cleveland
3. Milwaukee
4. Washington
5. Philadelphia
6. Detroit
7. Miami
8. Toronto


Round 1
Golden State vs Utah
The Jazz make the playoffs on Rudy Goberts defensive excellence, but one man cannot take down the Warriors. Golden State in 4.

Houston vs Portland
Damian Lilard and CJ McCollum show out in the playoffs as they always do but it isn’t enough and the Rockets win in 6.

Okc vs Memphis
The big three gel by playoff time and the Thunder sweep Memphis. Take that for data! Thunder in four.

San Antonio vs Minnesota
The best series in the west by four goes to seven. I would love to pick the T Wolves but I respect pop and the San Antonio fans to much to do that. On home court pop and company get the job done. Spurs in 7.

Round 2
Golden State vs San Antonio
Kawhi took it to the Warriors for a half before he was injured the last time these two teams met. Though I doubt Kawhi could keep up the fantastic play for a whole series (though it wouldn’t shock me) Therefore I have the Warriors in 6.
Houston vs OKC
The most competitive series of the western conference playoffs and by far the most fun to watch. In the end though sometimes you have to pick the guys with fire, there is not a angrier player, when he plays, in the NBA than Russell Westbrook. The dude is pissed, and the dude wants another shot at the Warriors. Thunder take it in 7.
Golden State vs OKC
Let’s break this down by position.
PG: Curry vs Westbrook: West Brook wins
SG: Klay Thompson vs Melo: Thompson takes that easily.
SF: Kevin Durant vs Paul George: Not much to debate here KD takes it.
PF: Steven Adams vs Draymond Green: Draymond
Center: Dontae Sabonis vs Whoever Golden state has at this point in the year lets assume its Za Za: So, Za Za
In the end as much as I would love to say the Thunder can beat the Warriors, they can’t. Warriors in 7.
Round 1
Boston vs Toronto
Boston in 4.
Cleveland vs Miami
Cleveland in 4.
Milwaukee vs Detroit
This one is closer than people might expect it to be but I still take the Bucks in 6.
Washington vs Philadelphia
The only exciting round one matchup in the East goes 7 and Jon Wall and the Wizards take it.
Round 2
Boston vs Washington
Jon Wall plays the best ball he ever has and his supporting crew do just enough. The Wizards upset the Celtics in 7.
Cleveland vs Milwaukee
Wish I could tell you this series is competitive spoiler it’s not Cleveland sweeps Milwaukee.
Round 3
Cleveland Vs Washington
Washington scares Cleveland and take a 2-0 lead but Lebron is Lebron and the Cavs win this series.
NBA Finals
Golden State vs Cleveland
OH MY GOD I HATE THAT THIS IS THE SAME FINALS BUT HOW CAN I PICK ANY DIFFERENTLY! THE NBA IS SO LOPSIDED IT ISN’T EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE! DEAR GOD I BEG OF YOU SPARE ME OF THIS MATCHUP. Because guess what the Cavs are good in an East that is, and I cannot stress this enough, THE WORST IT HAS EVER BEEN! They are nowhere near the Warriors talent level anymore though I don’t like Thomas and Wade is to old. Lebron will be the GOAT but it won’t matter.
Golden State sweeps the Cavs and are the NBA champs.



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