QB Rankings: A New, Deserving Number One. (It isn’t Patrick Mahomes)

Welcome to the first QB rankings of 2018. Again a reminder what this list is and isn’t. This is the list of the best QB’s in the league in my opinion. The QB’s I want on my team at this moment in time, this isn’t a legacy ranking. It is not all statistically based. There’s something to be said for game tape, I have watched all of these QB’s at least once. So if you disagree, cool. We can all have our own opinions. If you’re an Eli stan, one get a new hobby, two you aren’t going to like this. Enjoy!

1. Drew Brees: Finally some respect for Brees. Yes, it took a gradual decline from Brady and an Aaron Rodgers injury but this guy deserves it. I want him over everyone else in the league right now on my team.

brees 3
2. Russel Wilson: He’s again putting up awesome stats (716 yards and 7 touchdowns to just 3 ints) behind a terrible offensive line with no wideouts. You can’t criticize anything about his game right now in my opinion.

3. Patrick Mahomes: Unpopular opinion, he’s a system QB right now. The system is working through and Mahomes has so much raw talent it’s scary at this point to think he can get better. Which he can, eventually there will be a hiccup but not right now.

4. Matt Ryan: After a bad week one he’s having the baller season a lot of people including myself expected him to have. The Falcons have no defense at this point and as a result, by the end of this year, we might be talking about another MVP season if Ryan guides this team to the playoffs.

Divisional Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons
5. Ryan Fitzpatrick: I get it, the Fitzmagic isn’t going to last forever but If you were to ask me who I wanted in a game of football today I would take the most badass QB, having the most badass QB stretch in NFL history right now. You can’t take this away from me Tampa! You can’t take it from yourself Fitzmagic has made you more relevant than Jamies ever has.

6. Aaron Rodgers: On one knee he’s played pretty well thus far and thrown no interceptions. That’s impressive, at least to me, it seems Rodgers turns over the ball more when he is injured and this time he hasn’t.

aaron rodgers.jpg
7. Kirk Cousins: Throw out the Buffalo game. Anyone in their right mind knows it’s a fluke. Cousins is on pace for a career year early in the year. 965 yards 7 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, the guy is on fire.

kirk cousins minn
8. Tom Brady: I couldn’t put Brady lower than this. I wanted to, I really did. He has not looked good in two of the three games he has played this year. There is a gradual decline. It’s probably because he has no receivers but for right now he sits at eight because for the first time in his career he isn’t overcoming terrible surrounding talent.

NFL: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills
9. Jared Goff: I was down on Goff last year. I thought he was all system. That’s changing he’s taken a noticeable step forward. He’s throwing to tighter windows and has a better pocket presence. It would not shock me if I considered him top five by the end of the year.

10. Andy Dalton: Dalton has tremendous surrounding talent this year, he’s played well, and limited turnovers. When that happens he’s a top ten QB. (the analysis from here is a bit more sparse because there is actually a ton of good QB talent right now)
11. Phillip Rivers: If the Chargers revolved around Rivers and he was the reason they won or lost every week this team would be 3-0. Rivers has dominated in almost every game he has played this year for the struggling Chargers. He does have the best offense around him in recent memory right now.
12. Matthew Stafford: Stafford’s Jets game was an anomaly. The Niners game wasn’t represented well statistically, he missed some wide-open throws. However, against the Patriots Stafford found his rhythm and won a prime-time game. He deserves to be in the top 15.
13. Cam Newton: He doesn’t have the passing stats, however, I would argue he is the most important QB to his team in the league. If they were to lose him they would also be losing there best runner. The Panthers offense is Cam Newton, there is very little else around him.
14. Ben Roethlisberger: You could say he should be higher on this list. If you did though you would be ignoring the fact that he was a liability to the Steelers in all three of there opening games. He’s putting up yards and that’s cool for fantasy owners but he’s hurting his team with the number of sacks he’s taking (8) and interceptions (4).
15. Andrew Luck: He isn’t all the way back but he looked pretty good in all three games even if the stats don’t necessarily reflect that.


NFL: New York Giants at San Diego Chargers

Dec 8, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers (17) throws the ball during the second half against the New York Giants at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers won 37-14. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

16. Ryan Tannehill: Give him credit Tannehill has limited mistakes and been a little bit more than a game manager. That’s high praise for a guy who has been a detriment to the offense in the past.
17. Carson Wentz: He looked good against the Colts, I need a bigger sample size to move him higher on this list.
18. Alex Smith: He’s Alex Smith, he moves the ball effectively and doesn’t turn the ball over. Honestly, that’s perfect for Jay Gruden’s offense. He’s still got a nice deep ball, as displayed on Sunday against the Packers, that he keeps in his back pocket too. Smith is the same QB, he’s always been, can’t really ding him for that.
19. Joe Flacco: I know, I should have him higher, but I want to see a bit more of the Joe Flacco experience before I say he’s a top 15 QB.
20. Derek Carr: He’s trapped on an increasingly maddening team week to week. He hasn’t played badly, but he hasn’t been enough to will this team to a win, and if you want to be a franchise QB you occasionally need to do that.


alex smith r skins
21. Deshaun Watson: People like to kill Watson because of the Texans rocky start. He hasn’t looked awful. He looks like a second-year QB, hitting a sophomore slump, with a bad coaching staff, no offensive line, and coming off a serious knee injury. I’m giving Watson a bit of a pass.
22. Blake Bortles: Is a roll coaster. One week he’s lighting up the Patriots, the next he’s struggling against the Titans. One thing is certain, he isn’t hurting his team. Only two interceptions through three games. With very little offensive talent around him he has five touchdowns as well.
23. Mitchell Trubisky: Show me something, I haven’t been impressed.
24. Case Keenum: Keenum’s a gunslinger, he’s going to make mistakes. He needs to cut down on them though, this Denver defense has gone from a strength to a liability. The offense needs to start carrying the weight or this season is going to get out of hand quickly.
25. Baker Mayfield: Below are the rookies. In no particular order. I can’t judge any of them until I see at least 6 games.
26. Sam Darnold
27. Josh Allen

Baker Mayfield
28. Eli Manning: Stop making excuses Giants fans. Even when Eli was protected against the Jags he couldn’t produce. He has all his weapons, a grade A running back, and an offensive coaching staff. Other QB’s produce with much less than Eli. That’s because their elite franchise QB’s Eli is a washed vet whose dragging down this franchise. Giants should have taken a QB.
29. Dak Prescott: You are really in trouble if you are below Eli.
30. Sam Bradford
31. Marcus Mariota
32. CJ Beathard: I would have had Jimmy G in the top 15.


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