QB Rankings: Pat Mahomes is Stuck At Four But It’s Because The Top 3 Are MVP Candidates and Hall Of Famers.

1. Drew Brees: He continues to ball. The man still has yet to throw an int this year. He needs to be in consideration for an MVP this year. He cannot be an afterthought.
2. Russel Wilson: Continues to do the most with the least around him. Somehow has Seattle looking like a wildcard threat.

Brees 2
3. Aaron Rodgers: To all those who want to complain about Aaron Rodgers leading yet another great come back. Please stop, you will miss him when he is gone. He is overcoming the worst play calling in the league right now. Time to fire McCarthy Packer land.
4. Patrick Mahomes: Why don’t I have him higher? I buy him as a QB, he is the real deal, however I would still rather have the guys ahead of him at the helm of my franchise. I also don’t buy that he would be this good without the top offensive mind in the AFC and MVP candidate Tyreek Hill.
5. Phillip Rivers: The man is one game away from 2,00 yards, has fifteen touchdowns and only 3 interceptions, enough said.


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6. Jared Goff: Has slowed his pace a bit the last few weeks but still leads the NFL in passing yards. He couldn’t do much in the cold of Denver and that is really what knocked him out of contention for the top five.
7. Matt Ryan: Having an MVP year, on a team that cannot play defense. He is the reason I still believe the Falcons have a shot at the playoffs.
8. Andrew Luck: Someone came at me the other day with the worst take of all time. That somehow Andrew Luck is a bust. In six years the man has comparable numbers to Aaron Rodgers first six years in the leauge and Luck missed a year! He has nothing around him. This is why I hate Eli apologists, why isn’t Eli balling like Luck? Luck has no offensive line, no wide receiver’s, no running game. This man is a franchise QB who is being wasted by yet another shabby Colts front office. If he keeps this pace he will be in my top five by the end of the year. Chew on 1792 yards and 11 touchdowns coming off a shoulder injury, Eli stans.

9. Tom Brady: Still has moments where I can see the age. But overall (sigh) he still looks like an elite QB.
10. Kirk Cousins: A week to week proposition. I would have put Cam here but he doesn’t quite have the passing stats.
11. Cam Newton: The Panthers second leading rusher. Plus 1158 yards with his arm. Though to be fair this has been a down Cam year. He is to inconsistent week to week to be put in the top ten.
12. Ben Roethlisberger: Still to many turnovers.
13. Andy Dalton: Having a great Andy Dalton year, has been let down by his defense a bit in recent weeks. 14 touchdowns to 7 int’s is pretty good for Dalton.
14. Matthew Stafford: Numbers don’t tell the story here. Stafford has had some really average weeks. It doesn’t seem he can put a full game together.
15. Joe Flacco: Elite? I’m just messing with you, Flacco has been pretty damn good though.

big ben 2
16. Carson Wentz: Looked average coming off injury. He gets an average ranking,
17. Derek Carr: A rough year, for a good QB.
18. Deshaun Watson: For no offensive protection, he’s done very well.
19. Sam Darnold: The best looking QB of all rookies thus far. This kid can make all the throws and oh boy does he have some excellent pocket movement. Reminds me of a beefier Aaron Rodgers.
20. CJ Beathard: I won’t hear other wise. Who beneath him is better than CJ Beathard? In three games 892 yards and 8 touchdowns with no offensive line protection and limited wide out help. This guy will find a new home in the off season and be a starter in the near future for some other QB desperate team, mark my words.

21. Blake Bortles: Why do I continue to defend Bortles? Because I know there is a chance that any given week he could go off for five hundred yards and four touchdowns.
22. Alex Smith: This is a bad Alex Smith year. That said bad Alex Smith is an average QB, so not the end of the world for Washington in a wide open NFC East.
23. Baker Mayfield: Some weeks he really impresses me, other weeks he looks like a rookie. Which is fine because he is, in fact, a rookie.
24. Ryan Tannehill: Pretty telling that Brock Osweiler wasn’t much of a downgrade for the Dolphins at QB.
25. Josh Rosen: I love Josh Rosen more than most, composed, calm and coming off arguably his best game of the season against the Vikings.
26. Eli Manning: One nice thing, he throws a good check down.
27. Case Keenum: A bad QB.
28. Mitchell Trubisky: A QB I am deeply worried about. Trubisky hasn’t looked like a franchise QB yet in his career.
29. Josh Allen
30. Dak Prescott: Yes he had his best game of the year against the Jags. That doesn’t mean he isn’t a bad QB.
31. Marcus Mariota: Both of 2015’s top draft picks are the bottom dwellers on this list. Both are majorly flawed right now.
32. Jameis Winston


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