QB Rankings, Where your favorite NFL Signal caller sits after week 3.

I get it. It’s unoriginal and everyone does it but everyone has a different opinion on where the Quarterback’s in this league rank. These rankings are based on three weeks of play so don’t worry if your guy is a little low he might raise through the season. This is not a matter of who you want for your franchise either. It is based on the three weeks of action we have seen on each of these guys. I sat back and watched close to eight hours of film and ranked the QBs in the league accordingly, hope you enjoy.



1.       Tom Brady: Despite a slow start in week one Brady has gotten back right where he left off, being the greatest QB of all time. You need look no further than his ridiculous game winning TD throw against the Texans to see the guy hasn’t aged a bit.


2.       Aaron Rodgers: I put Rodgers at 2 only because for his standards he had a bad week 1 and 2 but Rodgers bad is any other Quarterbacks elite. It’s good to see Rodgers shake off his usual early season slump with a week 3 comeback win against the Bengals it only gets better from here.


3.       Matt Ryan: Ryan makes the two spots if he doesn’t throw three picks in week 3. I could care less if there off tip balls, as a QB that’s on you, you should have put the ball in the receiver’s chest. That being said Ryan has looked like the QB we saw last year except the Falcons have been less reliant on him because of a much-improved defense and a dominant running game.


4.       Matthew Stafford: This ones the shocker I can already tell, this is why Stafford is a top 5 QB thus far this season. His pocket movement and ability to scramble is top class. He is seeing the field better than he ever has, and I think his arm is the strongest I have ever seen it. Yes in week 3 he didn’t put up massive numbers but he didn’t turn the ball over either and gave the Lions a chance to win. If that touchdown counts 3 and 4 on this list swap.


5.       Derek Carr: Carr through two weeks looked like one of the most dominant passers in the league. One bad game is no reason to drop him out of the top five.


6.       Alex Smith: Smith jumps into the top ten because of one thing. The fact he is willing to now take deep shots down the field. Aggressive Alex Smith is fun Alex Smith. He isn’t playing like a game manager right now, but he isn’t making mistakes either and that’s why he gets this spot.


7.       Russell Wilson: The Seattle Seahawks offense is an enigma. We’re not going to chase it today though. Instead this spot for Wilson is credit where credit is due. Wilson looks the fastest and healthiest he has ever been. Some of the plays he made escaping the pocket against the Niners and Titans shouldn’t be humanly possible. The guy is a Madden glitch and at this point his scrambling should be compared to Michael Vicks but Wilson can rifle the ball as well he is better than prime Vick and that’s why he gets the seven spot.


8.       Drew Brees: Brees drops to 8 because his first two weeks were awful and frankly he should have put up a lot more points against the Patriots at home. Week 3 saves him though after Brees demolished what some believed was the top defense in the NFC. Brees looks on track but his arm strength and health behind a bad offensive line is something to watch for.


9.       Ben Rothlisberger: Big Ben has not looked as good as he did two years ago. It really started about mid way through last year but Ben is getting old it would only make sense he slows down a little. A Steelers offense still figuring things out figures Rothlisberger should move up the list later in the year.


10.   Kirk Cousins: After a tire fire of a pre season and a week one that had people worried, Kirk Cousins has gone on a tear the last two weeks. The Cousins that provided shootouts with the Cowboys isn’t quite back yet but he’s getting there.


11.   Marcus Mariota: Mariota played one of the best games of his career against a good Seahawks defense. However the first two weeks of play were not quite as top ten worthy which is why he gets spot number 11.


12.   Dak Prescott: I didn’t think I over rated him in the offseason but I guess I did. Prescott has looked like a game manager his first two outing of the season, refusing to throw the ball deep. Part of the problem is the fact the Dallas defense just hasn’t been clicking this year.


13.   Jameis Winston: You destroyed the Bears defense and then laid an egg in Minnesota. I need to see more consistency out of Winston before I put him any higher on this list. In fact I argue I may have put him to high at 13.


14.   Trevor Siemian: Put Sundays game against the Bills aside and he is arguably number 11 on this list. However Siemian had a really, really bad week and so I have to move him down a little. Until Sunday he had been impressive with his pocket presence and decision making. What he has to stop doing is throwing on the run. If you escape the pocket Trev, set your feet square your shoulders and rifle that baby down field. Overall Siemian has been impressive.


15.   Tyrod Taylor: Taylor is the best mobile QB in the league. His throwing is much improved and he has made great decisions early in the year and minimized turnovers. Don’t count the Bills out just yet.


16.   Carson Wentz


17.   Jared Goff: While Wentz is the more athletic of the two. Goff has made better decisions and more difficult throws. You could really flip flop these guys if you wanted to, to me Wentz has the edge just because of experience.


18.   Carson Palmer: Though Palmer had a bad week one, by no means should we count him out just yet. I think 18 is a fair place to put him just behind two rising stars. The one thing this group has in common is we don’t know much about any of them, yet.


19.   Joe Flacco


20.   Philip Rivers


21.   Cam Newton: Newton hasn’t been awful but that shoulder just doesn’t look quite healthy yet. He will improve as the season goes on but for right now he is in this cluster of QBs.


22.   Brian Hoyer


23.   Deshaun Watson


24.   Jacoby Brissett


25.   Sam Bradford/ Case Keenum: Combined these guys take the 25 spot. If Bradford would have stayed healthy and played weeks 2-3 like he did week one I would have a hard time not plugging him in as a top 10 QB. Keenum on the other hand gets 25 because as he showed Sunday he can give you two or three great games and avoid being a bottom five QB the rest of the time.


26.   Josh McCown: Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise Josh McCown has played well the last two weeks. How long it lasts? We don’t know but for now he isn’t one of the worst Qb’s in the league.


27.   Deshone Kizer


28.   Mike Glennon


29.   Jay Cutler


30.   Andy Dalton


31.   Blake Bortles


32.   Eli Manning: Without Odell Eli is nothing. With Odell the Lions made Eli nothing. Manning is nothing more than a system QB rotting away in the big apple.



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