QB Rankings: Young Guns Surge and Rodgers Reigns Supreme, for one week.

Welcome to the QB rankings, I know unoriginal and seemingly dull, but not these. These are the QB rankings of true hero’s. Speaking of heroes lets pay tribute to our fallen friend Aaron Rodgers, Rodgers is number 1 in this week’s rankings but obviously won’t be in them for the rest of the year. Remember these rankings aren’t projecting there recapping if you will everything your QB has done thus far is being graded not what they might do in the future, so sorry bears fan’s your guy Trubisky isn’t uber high.


Some interesting notes, there are four new Quarterback’s in the top ten. The division with the best average position for signal callers placement is not the AFC West. No in fact it is the NFC East with an average of 12 and the worst being the NFC north with an average position of 27. Who says I can’t do math now professor Joseph?! The largest drop belongs to Big Ben who plummeted 16 spots. The largest improvement was Deshaun Watson rose 17 spots. Now that the statistical mumbo jumbos out of the way lets fly. (numbers in parentheses are where the player was ranked after week 3)


1. Aaron Rodgers (2): Even though Aaron Rodgers is out for the rest of the year he had his best 3 week stretch of games in a long time. That included 7 touchdowns and no interceptions, and a vintage Rodgers come back against the Cowboys. It truly is a shame we have lost one of the most fun players to watch in the NFL for a year, so one last toast to the greatest regular season QB of all time, see ya next year Aaron.

2. Alex Smith (6): Don’t dismiss the Chiefs signal caller, even in a bad game against the Steelers Sunday Smiths valiant fourth quarter which saw him put up 200 yards and a touchdown. That was in one quarter and if an unlucky bounce doesn’t end the Chiefs day were talking about Smith and the Chiefs as a Super Bowl lock as of today. Smith should be considered the front runner for MVP right now, this season is crazy.

3. Tom Brady (1): Tom falls three spots, mainly because he had one bad game and the two QB’s above him did not over the past three weeks. Brady had a career day against the Panthers in a loss and put up big numbers on the Jets. Tampa Bay was an anomaly a Thursday night game but because he had that game in which he look just average he falls to 3.

Brady edit.jpg
4. Drew Brees (8): Although Brees started the season slow the past three weeks he has come back to what people expect him to be. A solid veteran who leads his team offensively, he had an awesome game in London and the numbers don’t show as well against Detroit because the Saints running game has taken off.

5. Carson Wentz (16): Wentz has gone from frenetic in the pocket to an elite level passer this year. Partially because its not all on him anymore, a decent running game gives Wentz a better look at defenses and takes the pressure off the young gun. He has 7 touchdowns in his last two weeks, and is making strides in development weekly. Sophomore slump? More like sophomore surge.

wentz 2


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