Questions For NFC Contenders.

Today we dig into the biggest contenders in the NFC. What is there Achilles heal? What makes them weak. What will be the fall for these Giants of the obviously superior football conference talent wise? If it seems like I’m digging for problems not there on one of these teams, youll figure out who it is, you are correct. Just some things to ponder before assuming one of these three teams is the king of the NFC. Keep an eye out for the AFC article later in the week.


Philadelphia Eagles: Carson Wentz health. People have conveniently put aside the fact Carson Wentz tore his ACL in December a typical ACL recovery schedule is 6-8 months. That doesn’t mean he is guaranteed ready for game one of the season. Even if Wentz is back day one last year a huge part of his game was mobility and he could lose some of that coming off a serious knee injury. Not to mention he will have a new OC and QB coach. Wentz may well return to his MVP form, I expect it, but it may take him a month and in a loaded NFC that could really hurt the Eagles. The counter of course being that the defense can carry this team early, are we so sure? The Corners got torn up in the super bowl but hey that is Tom Brady.

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Los Angeles Rams: Jared Goff. Goff’s breakout year may yet have a sophomore slump. There is no reason to think Goff will regress, but he may not improve and if teams figure out how to shut down Todd Gurley that could be a real problem. Sean McVay was a game changer last year but how do we know that carries over to 2018? What if defenses figure him out? Who knows, but that is really the only question for this Ram’s team.


Minnesota Vikings: Dalvin Cook’s knees. Cook was probably the best rookie runner last year behind Hunt when he was injured. A torn ACL is a huge deal for a running back. Who knows if he will come back with the same mobility and speed that made him special last year. Pair that with whether Kirk Cousins will be an upgrade on very good Case Keenum and if the defense can remain top notch and this is the NFC contender with the most questions around it.



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