Rank ‘Em: the 4 Major Sports Drafts

Draft season is coming to a close with the MLB, NBA, and NHL drafts finishing up as soon as yesterday. NFL was a few months before them. That being said, we probably all have the same outlook on each draft. NFL and NBA have almost the same amount of hype leading up to it, but the NBA only has 2 rounds, you start saying “who?” after the first 3 picks in the NHL draft, and in the MLB draft, you hear the name now but forget it until 2 years later. They all have their flaws and riches, but whose at the top? (P.S These are all opinionated so you may not agree.)

4. MLB

This is an easy one. Even if you love college baseball, then there is still no way you keep a high alert of the players your team drafted. Even the #1 overall pick won’t be seen in the big leagues until 2-3 years later. Maybe even more. The worst thing about the MLB draft is that if the player drafted isn’t finished with college, he has an option to stay for another year and get redrafted later. AFTER HE WAS ALREADY DRAFTED. I like the NBA and NFL rule in which if the player does not have an agent then he is able to withdraw BEFORE being drafted. Baseball is my favorite sport, but I don’t think you could force me to watch this draft.

3. NHL

The NHL draft is a huge jump from the MLB draft. At worst, the guys drafted past the 1st round are likely to remain in the minors for only a year. The first rounder is almost guaranteed to play his first year. One thing that separates the NHL draft from the NBA and NFL, is that besides the first few picks, no one has ever heard of the players. The broadcasting of college basketball and football make these players known. The lack of knowledge in the leagues below or above college really makes us wonder. But watching the NHL draft you are bound to say, “who?” a few times. Except for that Auston Matthews guy.

2. NBA

Number 1 and 2 could go either way. I only have one reason why I have to give the NBA 2nd. Busts. Too many of them. In the NBA, you almost know who will be a bust right out of college. It’s usually the players who leave after their freshman year. I think we’ll see more surprises than busts this year. Being a Bulls fan is exactly why I prefer the NFL draft over the NBA draft. It could go either way for me though and I could argue for each way.

1. NFL

It was a toss up, but I had to go with the NFL draft as the best draft in all of pro sports. Guys get to build year on year without worrying about being sent down. Plus, it’s right away, no D-League, no minors, nothing. Except if you’re put into a camp, which is not for development. Every pick matters as well because you almost get more value at a certain position you need. All the surprising move ups, and picks is what sets the NFL different from the others. Of course, again, you could argue it either way. The NFL is just more hyped up because we all need football in our lives.

These rankings aren’t based on this year. Just overall. If it was based off this year I would have to put the NBA draft at 1st.


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