Ranking The Kirk Cousins Landing Spots: Spoiler Denver Isn’t Number One.

1. Minnesota: Of all the teams Cousins could chose Minnesota is the most complete. A great offensive line two great wide receivers and a defense that is one of the best in the league. It would also be easy for the Vikings to let all three QBs walk and use all there recources on Cousins. With Cousins I would consider the Vikings Super Bowl favorites for next year.

2.  Jacksonville: The Jaguars will get their best wide receiver back in Allen Robinson, maybe. Add a terrific running game and a dominant scoring defense and this should be one of Cousins top choices. The Jaguars would have to find a way to move Bortles, which would be hard to do but not impossible if they were to chase Cousins. This would be the ideal year in a deep QB draft. If they missed on Cousins and got rid of Bortles it would give them a convenient excuse to start over at QB.

3. Arizona: The Cardinals defense was heavily overlooked this year. Even though Chandler Jones lead the league in sacks. Pair that with Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu and a solid QB and you have a decent shot to make the playoffs in a stacked division. The Cardinals need to improve the O line to lure Cousins but having Fitzgerald and David Johnson in the building certainly helps.

4. Denver: I know the Broncos are much higher on everyone else’s lists but this is why they sit at 4 for me. The Broncos have problems to address on the O line and could use another receiver and a sufficient tight end. Especially because Cousins relied so heavily on good tight end play in Washington. The defense in Denver is good but certainly took a step back last year so that could be a concern. The X factor of course will be if Jon Elway can woo him.

cousins bro.jpg
5. Buffalo: The Bills are an extremely well coached defense with potential to be an 11 win plus team if they made the right moves and signed Cousins. However, why would Cousins want to go play in a division ruled by Tom Brady?
6. New York Jets: Same reason as why you avoid Buffalo, Tom Brady. Also a worst roster than the Bills and your promising young wide out Robby Anderson is now a felon and probably done in the NFL.
7. Cleveland: If money was Cousins only goal then Cleveland would be the place. For the life of me though I cannot understand why people think Cousins would chose Cleveland over the aforementioned teams. Perhaps it is just an ill thought out Browns fever dream, but that’s all it is.


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