Rapid fire NBA Rumors

Life comes at you fast. The NBA offseason comes at you faster. That’s why it’s the best offseason in all of sports. All the action and rumors sending fans into frenzy is almost as good as the games themselves. Today was certainly no exception as there were rumors flying around, and trades coming from nowhere. Here’s a rewind of some of those rumors/transactions.

Atlanta Hawks trade Dwight Howard to Charlotte Hornets

The Atlanta Hawks shipped Dwight Howard out of town one short year after signing him along with the 31st pick. In return the Hornets sent back Miles Plumlee, Marco Belinelli, and the 41st pick.

Los Angeles Lakers trade D’Angelo Russell and Tim Mozgov to Nets

The Los Angeles Lakers cleared space with the summer of ’18 and Paul George in mind by trading D’Angelo Russell, and Timofey Mozgov to the Nets, for Brook Lopez and the 27th pick. This basically locks in Lonzo Ball at #2 Thursday for the Lakeshow.

The Lakers also tried to trade #2 to Minnesota for #5 and #10 but Minnesota declined.

Pacers PG13 dilemma

The Lakers, Clippers, Wizards, Rockets, and the Cavaliers all remain in hot pursuit of Paul George.

The Lakers having just cleared cap space and traded Russell, are trying to offer a package centered around Randle or Clarkson and the 27th & 28th picks. They have made it clear they won’t give up #2 or Ingram for a player who’s desire is to play for them anyways.

Cleveland is rumored to have tried to trade Kevin Love to the Phoenix Suns for #4, with intentions on trading that for Butler or George.

Jimmy Butler carousel

It has been rumored that Jimmy Butler could be on the move very soon. Whether that be to Boston or to the Cavs, that is unknown. At the start of the day it was reported that Butler was trying to push for a trade to the Cavs, but he has apparently change his mind as he’s now told Chicago he wants to stay long term.

Knicks shopping Porzingis

Phil Jackson is listening to offers on the 21 year old 7’3″ Latvian big man. Several teams across the league are interested, as every team should be. But Phil Jackson has been “very aggressive” and is looking for a kings ransom for the young star.

Clippers exploring DeAndre Jordan trade

Remember how I said the NBA comes at you fast? Just as I was getting ready to publish this article it was reported the Clippers are exploring trading DeAndre Jordan. Hm.. The Clippers have also expressed interest in Paul George and I wouldn’t be surprised if the two moves are linked.


With the NBA draft on Thursday things are just heating up. With all of this smoke in the air, expect it to catch fire within the next couple of days as the NBA starts to see a shake up all across the league!





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