Reasons Why Dallas Keuchel Will Go Diamond Today

Dallas Keuchel started the season as an 87 overall pitcher after a disappointing 2016 season, but this year the former cy-young has turned things around. Below are the reasons I believe he will go diamond today.

1. He is 7-0 this season (leads league)
2. He has a 1.84 era (leads league)
3. MLB the show claims to take a 3 year average and taking his 2.84 era in 2015 he should be able to get over the hump
4. He has a 0.86 WHIP (2nd in the league)
5. To add to his whip his 69 h/9 and 77 w/9 should receive a tasty upgrade
6. He ranks 9th in the American league in K’s despite only having a 68 k/9 in MLB the Show
7. Dallas has pitched at least 7 innings in 8 of his 10 starts (leads the league)
8.Hitters are hitting only .186 off of Keuchel this year

There is no denying it Dallas Keuchel is very good. I expected him to go diamond last week and he did not, but after another solud performance I definitely expect him to go diamond today.


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