Recap of Masked Kyrie’s incredible stretch

Last night was Kyrie’s last game in a mask and he was amazing with it on. Everyone hyped it up because of his incredible stretch in Cleveland with a mask on and he provided. The Celtics went 10-3 over the stretch and here’s what his stats were for each game:

Brooklyn: 25 points 5 assists W

Golden State: 16 points 6 assists W

Atlanta: 30 points 10/12 FG W

Dallas: 47 points 16/22 FG 5/7 3pt FG W

Miami: 23 points L

Orlando: 30 points 9/15 FG W

Indiana: 25 points 6 assists 11/20 FG W

Detroit: 18 points 9 assists 6/16 FG L

Philadelphia: 36 points 5/8 3pt FG W

Phoenix: 19 points 5 assists 8/14 FG W

Milwaukee: 32 points 13/24 FG W

Dallas: 23 points 5 assists 10/18 FG W

San Antonio: 36 points 13/21 FG 6/10 3pt FG L

He averaged about 28 PPG, 5 APG, 54 FG% and 47% from three. This was easily his best stretch of the season as he for filled the spot everyone expected him to be this year. He was so efficient and an amazing scorer over the last 13 games, the question is will we ever see him in a mask again?


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