Remembering the first ever night game on the North Side

29 years ago yesterday the Cubs would finally play baseball under the lights.

“One..Two..Three.. let there be lights!” This was one of the biggest moments in Cubs history, as life long Cubs fan and season ticket holder, Harry Grossman, finally turned on the lights at Wrigley field.


That night the Cubs would only get into the fourth inning though, as a downpour would sweep through the Northside and cancel the first game under the lights. This would not stop the Cubbies from having fun though as some players, including Greg Muddux, Al Nipper, Les Lancaster, and Jody Davis would treat the tarp as a slip n slide. This act would prompt a fine from the General Manager Jim Frey, but hey, I guess they had fun doing something at Wrigley Field under the lights. The first complete night game took place the next nights as the Cubs would defeat the Mets.

The Cubs are currently allowed a total of 43 night games at Wrigley field, but the Cubs are asking for more. The Cubs are looking to expand their night games to 54 overall, but who knows if they will actually be allowed.

This is and will always be one of the biggest nights in Cubs history.


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