Results and Feelings on the inaugural Pro Sports Fandom Fantasy Football League

Last night our Pro Sports Fandom team did a mock draft together in preparation for the 2017 fantasy football season. I stress the fact that this was on August, today (Aug 11th) was a pretty big one, with the Zeke suspension as well as the Sammy Watkins trade. Below is a grid showing each of our picks and a favorite/least favorite pick for every round.

Before we begin, this is a PPR, re-draft, one QB league. Without further ado, here it is. Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 8.08.21 PM.png


The league was created as a 10 team PPR league on Yahoo. We will be using decimal scoring along with negative scoring. The scoring is very standard for most leagues, with the addition of PPR.

25 passing yards per point
4 points per passing TD
-1 points per interception
10 rushing/receiving yards per point
1 point per reception
6 points per rush/receiving TD
-2 points per fumbles lost

The draft was a snake draft and the order can be seen below.

  1. D Beard
  2. Utaheric 18’s Team
  3. San Fran 4th and 9ers
  4. Don’t Crash My Carr
  5. Josh’s Team
  6. Team Chris
  7. Heath’s K
  8. Password is Taco
  9. Pro Sports Fandom
  10. Dezpacito

After spending 45 minutes drafting, the teams were set and there were some major surprises during the draft that really threw everyone off.  

With still so much time left in the preseason, the ADP of a lot of these players could change, but this is what makes early drafts exciting. Who will find secret value? Who will break a team in the early rounds just because of hype? No one will know for sure until the season is completed, but let’s look at some of the picks that I love and hate in each round of the Pro Sports Fandom 2017 Fantasy Football League.

Round 1

Love: LeSean McCoy (8th overall, 1.8- Password is Taco)

I love this pick in the first at 8th overall. With the top 3 RB and WR off the board, LeSean McCoy should always be the 4th RB off the board in my book this year.  Shady is in a great run based offensive system as we have seen and with Mike Gillislee out of Buffalo, McCoy could see a lot more of the goal line carries.

Hate: Mike Evans (5th overall 1.5- Josh’s Team)

I am not a huge fan of this pick while Odell Beckham Jr. and Julio Jones are both on the board.  I would rather have the receivers that work with Manning or Ryan than the younger Jameis Winston.  Evans has been a great talent, but it’s hard for me to love this pick with Julio and OBJ still available.

Round 2

Love: Jordan Howard (15th overall, 2.5- Team Chris)

Jordan Howard impressed the league as he was the 2nd leading rusher in his rookie year on a bad Chicago Bears team.  Howard didn’t even start the first 3 games of the season and was still 2nd. He has worked on catching passes in the offseason, which was his biggest weakness last year.  He will see a ton of touches in Chicago this year as John Fox loves to run the ball and keep the game close.

Hate: T.Y. Hilton (20th overall, 2.10- D Beard)

T.Y. Hilton hasn’t been the most consistent receiver over the past few years thanks to Andrew Luck getting killed by his own offensive line. Andrew Luck is currently in danger of starting the season on the PUP list, meaning he will be out the first 6 weeks. That would mean T.Y. would get to catch passes from the 29-year-old Scott Tolzien. That is not a WR-QB combo that I want a part of in the early part of the season.

Round 3

Love: Marshawn Lynch (35th overall, 3.5- Josh’s Team)

After taking Evans and Aaron Rodgers in the first two rounds, Josh finally took his first RB of the night. I love Lynch this year as he will play in the best offense he has ever been in while also running behind one of the best offensive lines in the game currently (plus the best one he has ever been behind). Lynch doesn’t need to rush for 150+ yards every game because he will get every goal line carry.

Hate: Joe Mixon (32nd overall, 3.2- UtahEric18’s team)

I didn’t understand this pick one bit.  He is an exciting rookie, but he is a Cincinnati Bengal which means he will automatically be 3rd on the depth chart behind Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard.  Mixon is going to have a very tough time stealing away carries unless one of the backs goes down to injury.

Round 4

Love: Michael Crabtree (47th overall, 4.7- Don’t Crash My Carr)

At nearly 50th overall and the 17th WR off the board, Crabtree is a good value pick here because of how consistent Crabtree was last year in Oakland. Crabtree ended as the 12th highest scoring receiver in PPR last year and is Carr’s favorite target in the red zone. Crabtree doesn’t have the highest ceiling, but that Oakland offense is going to be something everyone wants a piece of this year.

Hate: Sammy Watkins (46th overall, 4.6- Josh’s Team)

Sammy Watkins has always been that wide receiver that I can’t ever seem to love for fantasy football. After an injury riddled 2016, Watkins is looking to bounce back to his 2015 form. Watkins hasn’t been the healthiest player the last few years and with LeSean McCoy looking to get more goal line carries, there is little value to Watkins while Tyreek Hill, Allen Robinson, and Alshon Jeffery still on the board. Even with the recent trade to the Los Angeles Rams, I don’t like his value at this spot.

Round 5

Love: Martavis Bryant (54th overall, 5.4- Don’t Crash My Carr)

After missing the 2016 season due to a suspension, Martavis Bryant is back and ready to roll for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Steelers missed him during their 2016 campaign and it showed in plenty.  The offense had major issues scoring most of the year, especially in the playoffs against Kansas City where they won on the strength of 6 field goals.  That high paced offense of the Steelers is going to be even tougher to stop now with Bryant back on the field.

Hate: Hunter Henry (55th overall, 5.5- Josh’s Team)

I understand wanting to go with a tight end early in the draft because of how shallow the tight end position is, but Hunter Henry is not the guy just yet.  With Jordan Reed, Jimmy Graham, Delanie Walker, and Tyler Eifert on the board, Josh took the bold approach.  I think it is a good pick… next year.

Round 6

Love: Julian Edelman (65th overall, 6.5- Team Chris)

With this being a PPR league, Julian Edelman is always a great player to have because of the connection between himself and Tom Brady. Over the past 3 years, Julian Edelman is averaging 6.5 catches per game played, which makes him as a great WR3 behind Julio Jones and Deandre Hopkins.  Usually, Edelman is ranked much higher, but he has such good value in the 6th round.

Hate: Andrew Luck (63rd overall, 6.3- Password is Taco)

As good of a quarterback as Andrew Luck has been in a Colts uniform, his status for Week 1 is currently unknown due to the shoulder injury that he suffered in September 2016 against the Titans.  While Luck could be a great quarterback, he was 4th off the board before Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson leaving little of value in the pick.

Round 7

Love: Larry Fitzgerald (73rd overall, 7.3- San Fran 4th and 9ers)

We have seen the prime days of Fitz come and go, but Fitzgerald has still been a great middle round receiver for fantasy. After posting 107 catches in 2016, Fitz is going to be the go to guy for Carson Palmer once again, especially after Arizona cut Michael Floyd during the 2016 season.

Hate: Cam Newton (80th overall, 7.10- Dezpacito)

Cam Newton is a very polar football player, both in fantasy and real life.  I am not huge on Cam Newton going into this year after a terrible 2016 campaign. With 19 touchdowns to 14 interceptions, we don’t really know who the real Cam is. The addition to Matt Kalil at left tackle is sure to help keep opposing defenders off Cam, but with the inconsistency, the pick left much to be desired.

Round 8

Love: Stefon Diggs (90th overall, 8.10- D Beard)

After a long 7 rounds, the first Vikings receiver was picked at the end of the 8th round.  Diggs had a rough 2016 campaign as he was unable to counteract the hand fighting and press coverage that opposing corners used against him. Diggs’ inability to get separation from himself and the opposing corner showed, but I have a lot of confidence in Diggs this year, especially with the Vikings needing to force the ball to Adrian Peterson.

Hate: Dak Prescott (86th overall, 8.6- Josh’s Team)

This pick made little sense since Josh already had the first quarterback off the board with Aaron Rodgers in the second round.  Dak was a great real-life quarterback behind the Dallas Cowboys line, but as a fantasy quarterback, he left a little to be desired.  This could change with the recent news of the Ezekiel Elliot suspension, but something tells me we won’t see Prescott throwing 35 plus times a game.

Round 9

Love: DeSean Jackson (93rd overall, 9.3- San Fran 4th and 9ers)

DeSean Jackson was the big play receiver for a long time in Philadelphia and his first season in Washington.  The blazing speed is gone, but his skills are still there.  Jackson went to a great situation in Tampa Bay where he gets to be the #2 wide receiver behind Mike Evans along with a young quarterback in Jameis Winston.  Jackson wasd a great value pick in the 9th round.

Hate: Justin Tucker (96th overall, 9.6- Team Chris)

Justin Tucker is one of the best kickers in all of the NFL, but I felt like this pick was a bit early. With lots of receivers and running backs still on the board with potential, I felt it didn’t make a ton of sense to grab a kicker in the top 100 players with how fluky they can be week to week.

Round 10

Love: Derek Carr (107th overall, 10.7- Don’t Crash My Carr)

Derek Carr was the 11th quarterback taken in the draft after ending up as the 12th best quarterback in 2016.  This was after leaving the Raiders’ week 16 game early due to a broken leg.  Carr was only 16 points behind Dak Prescott on the year and that was with a full game less played.  The value in Derek Carr is great as the 11th quarterback off the board.

Hate: Ameer Abdullah (109th overall, 10.9- UtahEric18’s team)

The Detroit Lions have not had a true standout running back for the past few years and Ameer Abdullah is a part of that uninspiring group.  Abdullah has been given multiple chances over the past two years to stand out from the rest of the running backs, but was unable to do so in 2016 thanks to a foot injury that held him out of all but 2 games.  The running back to own in Detroit for PPR is easily Theo Riddick.

Round 11

Love: Jeremy Maclin (120th overall, 11.10- Dezpacito)

Jeremy Maclin was one of the receivers that seemed to get lost in the shuffle in this draft. Maclin was a great PPR receiver during his time in Kansas City with coach Andy Reid.  Maclin actually gained value with his move to Baltimore.  With Steve Smith, Flacco needed a good and healthy receiver to throw to other than Mike Wallace.  Maclin had less value in Kansas City due to the run heavy offensive scheme, but with Flacco slinging the ball around, Maclin could be one of the best late round picks of this draft.

Hate: Jameis Winston (112th overall, 11.2- UtahEric18’s Team)

I don’t mind Winston as a fantasy quarterback, but Eric took a backup quarterback while only having 1 back up running back on his bench (Ameer Abdullah).  We know how risky running backs are every year and with a trio of RB consisting of Bell, Mixon, and Abdullah, there is a bit of extra risk as of now.

Round 12

Love: Randall Cobb (122nd overall, 12.2- Pro Sports Fandom)

After a year in which he was held to 610 yards and 4 touchdowns, Randall Cobb fell hard to the bottom of the wishlist for a lot of people.  Cobb will surely gain that name again as the preseason goes on, but he has a ton of value as the 43rd wide receiver off of the board, especially in the 12th round.  Cobb will need Nelson and Adams to stay healthy to help his cause.

Hate: Kenny Britt (129th overall, 12.9- UtahEric18’s Team)

While Britt had his best career year in 2016, I do not have much love for the Cleveland offense while Brock Osweiler or the rookie DeShone Kizer are under center. Britt doesn’t have a very high ceiling and isn’t a guy that can break out after 9 seasons in the NFL.

Round 13

Love: Jordan Matthews (139th overall, 13.9- Pro Sports Fandom)

Jordan Matthews has been a great receiver out of the slot for the Eagles the past 3 years and is a great WR3 for PPR leagues. How he fell all the way to the 13th round is beyond me, but it is a great value at the time of the draft.  His value only rose even higher after his move to the Buffalo Bills as of early Friday.

Hate: Mike Wallace (136th overall, 13.6- Team Chris)

Mike Wallace was super inconsistent last year as a threat last year because he was mainly the deep threat in Baltimore.  I don’t see his role changing much this year with Maclin looking to be the main wideout for Flacco. Wallace could have a big few weeks, but good luck picking out which weeks that will be.

Round 14

Love: Kevin White (150th overall, 14.10- D Beard)

After 2 seasons of being injured, Kevin White is looking to raise his floor from the ground and try and finally break out.  The number one wide receiver job is wide open in Chicago with Alshon Jeffery gone. Cameron Meredith showed he can be a weapon, but no one believes that Meredith is a true number one receiver.  With White’s speed and size, he has all the potential to be a huge breakout candidate at a very low price.

Hate: Los Angeles Rams Defense (144th overall, 14.4- Heath’s K)

It was late round, but I am not huge on the Rams defense at all.  They aren’t even the best defense in Los Angeles these days.  They really struggled to score on defense and accrue turnovers.  I don’t see them being much better this year.  I would have preferred Buffalo, Philadelphia, or the Los Angeles Chargers defenses over the Rams.

Round 15

Love: Sterling Shepard (154th overall, 15.8- Don’t Crash My Carr)

After a decent rookie year in New York, Sterling Shepard is looking to build on what he has already done.  Shepard totaled 65 catches for 683 yards and 8 touchdowns.  He will be great for Eli Manning once again and with the offensive line issues, Manning is going to need to get the ball out quick, leading to another 100+ target year for Shepard, even after the Brandon Marshall addition.

Hate: Evan Engram (158th overall, 15.8- Password is Taco)

Another Giant has made the list here in round 15.  I know that Evan Engram is a rookie that could make a splash in a game or two, but the offensive tackles of the Giants had a terrible 2016.  Engram will one day be a great receiver in the NFL, but rookie tight ends have a very hard time being fantasy relevant because they are forced to learn blocking schemes and the route trees of their respective teams.  I think Engram is going to be used more as a blocker to start the year with the question marks that are the offensive tackles for the Giants.

Thanks for reading, feel free to let me know any questions you may have on Twitter @prosportsfandom. You can always contact me personally on Twitter, @dadsox, as well with any comments or questions as well.


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