Revamp Franchise Mode Already!

San Diego Studios wants us to play Diamond Dynasty.

This is not an opinion, unfortunately. San Diego Studios makes money when people play Diamond Dynasty and buy stubs to use on players and packs. They even make some money when people buy experience for Road To The Show. But the one game mode in The Show that is not making them money: Franchise Mode. I would like to make a call to San Diego Studios: Revamp Franchise Mode using some of that Diamond Dynasty money!

For many Show users, Diamond Dynasty is all they play, as well is Road to the Show. Some dabble in Franchise Mode a bit, but I know I am not the only person who primarily plays it. I love feeling like a GM -looking to build a team and a farm system for the long term. Making trades and signing free agents is a fantastic time while I look to build a World Series winning team.

However, The Show lags FAR behind many other games’ franchise modes in terms of realism. For starters, The Show provides AA/AAA teams… and doesn’t provide accurate players for those teams. For such a huge sports game, how can they never have negotiated an image rights deal with MiLBPA? Also, they don’t include the high A, low A, short season, and rookie ball teams. You’re working with a smaller roster than you ever would in real life. There is no uniform customization, stadium creation, relocation or team addition feature, no league expansion feature, and no historical statkeeping. You have no way to look back and see what years you win the World Series. You cannot trade cash, international signing money, players to be named later, or more than THREE players! It’s missing current advanced stats such as wOBA, wRC+, DRS, UZR, and doesn’t measure catcher framing. The scouting system is broken and terrible and outright lies about it’s use of the 20-80 system, which the people at SDS clearly misunderstand. The draft is literally 7 rounds and not 40. This mode is essentially “season mode” from years past with slightly more players on the roster.

The worst part about not having these any of these things is that other games already have them! NBA 2K has a deep franchise mode, consisting of options like relocation, team renaming, stadium building, draft pre-rankings and accurate analysis that corresponds with how scouts evaluate real life players. It has upload-able real life rosters and allows you to simulate 80 years into the future and keeps track of every stat you tally – this might be one of The Show’s biggest sins in that every year feels brand new and not like a continuation. Another game, called Out Of The Park Baseball, is a GM simulator that has 100% of the real life rosters…. for any year in history. With OOTP, you can GM any MLB team from any year down to the single A players (for some). It has a comprehensive and realistic trade system (which 2K also shares), accurate 20/80 scouting evaluation, 40 round drafts, signing bonuses, and any and every baseball stat imaginable. What OOTP lacks is gameplay and user interface, which are two things The Show does very well.

One issue with my own problems with the game is that not every player shares my issues. Some want to have a more simplistic franchise mode experience. And I completely understand that. That is why I have a proposed solution that would make San Diego Studios happy, and build an even bigger player base that might draw in casual or advanced baseball fans who are not out to figure out if they can beat another person in a long 9 inning game of home run/strikeout derby.

The solution is: First, put the correct 20/80 scouting system in the current franchise mode, make stats carry from year to year and be easily accessible to view, and make relocation and stadium/uniform customization possible. This changes almost nothing about the current franchise mode for the casual players, and still gives them an improved experience. The bigger part would come as paid DLC about a month or two into the game that puts a second option for franchise mode in. Make this an “advanced” franchise mode, and take the month to address all the problems above. Make a trading system that is more than just 3 players. Provide an expansion draft option. Add international free agency to the game. Add every team to every organization. Give us the accurate minor leaguers. Make the draft 40 rounds and give us real pre-draft scouting to make decisions. Fix salary desires in free agency and put accurate contracts in. Put advanced statistics in the game. Make this a GM simulator where I can also play the games using The Show’s gameplay. I would spend money to get that and hours and hours playing, building new teams and working my way into the future to win World Series rings (and maybe they would actually track it this time so you could look back and see when you won).

I hope San Diego Studios is looking at what the group who made Fortnite is doing. Their game is free. But the creators clearly love the game they have made, and update it every week or so so that their base is never without fresh content. They listen to feedback from their fans, not take offense to criticism, and fix the things their base brings to them. They make it very easy to enjoy the game without paying money, but encourage you to do so, and by spending just a few dollars, you have a better experience playing! San Diego Studios will never make a free game, I know that. But I am paying 60$ every year for a game that, frankly, doesn’t get changed. I appreciate the batflips, stance customization, and bullpen dance videos but honestly, that type of stuff should’ve been in years ago. NBA 2K has pulled far and away in leading other sports games in quality, but I have always felt The Show could catch up if they just spent a little time on the problems with franchise mode. Revamp Franchise Mode already!


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