Rose signs with Cavs. 

With the signing of Derrick Rose, it’s clear that more then likely Kyrie will be on his way out of Cleveland. The amount of assets the Cavs can get for Kyrie is endless, there’s a poteinal trade between the Cavs and Celtics that would be monster, the talk were reported yesterday evening and one name stood out for the trade for Kyrie and that was Isiah Thomas. You may be asking now why would Boston give up such a very vauble asset which is basically their franchise player. There was also Jae Croweder and a 1st Round Pick (Brooklyn Nets) which would most likely be a top 10 pick if not a top 5 depending on how well they do this upcoming season. When it comes to the Celtics, Thomas wants to sign the super max deal which gives trouble to Celtics Danny Ainge, he has the luxury of picking up the last 3 years of Kyrie with little cap space hit and gets the superstar that Boston needs. If the the Celtics do manage to add Kyrie it will be interesting to see how these teams match up in the east, with Kyrie and Heyward, going up against LeBron, Rose, Love, Crowder and Thomas. In my eyes it’d be dumb for Cleveland to not take that deal and roll with it. It would make them more athletic and physical to go up against the Goldne State Warriors. This upcoming season will be one for the ages especially with all the drama and major trade talks between high caliber teams and players it surely will be very interesting. I’m pulling for the Cavs this year simply because Derrick Rose deserves to have a ring and most importantly to win it for himself and his pride. I see a bright future with Rose and Cavs after next season. Personally, Rose will have a major impact on this Cavs team and LeBron will spark a fire in him to bring back MVP Rose. 


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