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Anthony Rendon 87-91

Anthony has had a breakout season this year and deserves this upgrade to a diamond. Batting .319 on the year and .400 against left and 304 against the right. has 14 bombs against right and 6 against left with 49 strikeouts to 53 walks. Deserves contact upgrades to both sides, power upgrades to both sides and vision upgrade as well.

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Justin Bour 84-85

Justin has is batting .284 on the year 21 bombs. has killed the right side this year with 15 bombs and batting .275 but has hit for contact against left with a .319. So see upgrades in those categories.

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Mike Moustakas 84-86

Moose has killed it this year with .270 and 25 bombs. has 18 against right and 7 against left. .250 against left and .277 against the right. So see some upgrades there as well.

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Xander Bogarts 85-84

Xander has been a massive contact hitter this year but not really for power. Has 6 home runs overall so I have him getting his power categories downgraded bringing him to a silver.

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Wil Meyers 85-83

Wil started as a silver then went gold but should go back down. batting .254 on the year with 17 home runs. Be aware of downgrades in all categories of hitting.

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Ender Inciarte 84-86

Inciarte has been great this year. batting .306 and .351 against left and .292 against the right. 7 bombs on the year so I see a contact and power upgrade to all categories.

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Yasmani Grandal 85-84

Yasmani has not done well since being upgraded to gold. Batting .263 and with 12 bombs. See downgrades across the whole hitting categories

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Cody Bellinger 83-85

Cody the Phenom Bellinger. Been tearing it up lately with a .270 average and 25 bombs. Doing that as a rookie is insane. See some upgrades to power and a little to contact.


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Aaron Sanchez 85-82

Aaron has posted a 4.53 ERA with a record of 1-2.  Giving up 36 hits in 32 innings and 15 walks. See downgrades in clutch, h/9, and BB/9.

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Giancarlo Stanton 88-90

Stanton will go diamond( I hope). Heres why: 30 HR, .275 average, and 63 RBI. Beast of a man and will go diamond.

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Marcell Ozuna 89-91

Marcell has been deserving this for a while and now it’s time to give. .315 average, 23 HR, 70 RBI. 21 HR against right with a .313 average and a .329 average against left. Be on the lookout for the new diamond.

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