Roster Update Predictions MLB The Show Part 1

While last week’s roster update was a good one, we now have this week’s edition to look forward to. Below are just a few of the players I believe have a good chance to be upgraded/downgraded this week.

Zack Cozart 83 to 85 +2

Let’s be honest here, he should have gone gold last week. Cozart has been one of the best players in the league this year, he ranks fourth in WAR, he is hitting .329 with 9 home runs. He is hitting .395 vs left handers so look for his 76 contact to get an upgrade.

Charlie Blackmon 88 to 89 +1

Not quite diamond but almost there. In the Show, he has great stats vs right-handed pitching, but where he is lacking is vs left handers. He is hitting .319 vs lefthanders so don’t be surprised if his 72 contact were to see an upgrade.

Lorenzo Cain 85 to 82 -3

Lorenzo has been one of the best center fielders in the MLB for quite a while now. But this year he has been far from that by posting a .265 average and a .757 OPS. While these don’t seem too bad, where he should see a downgrade is contact vs left handed pitching. He currently is boasting a 98 contact vs/L despite hitting a sour .186 against southpaws this season, not very good.

Christian Yelich 85 to 84 -1

While many, including me, expected Yelich to become a real star this year, he has almost flattened out. He is hitting .264 on the season, but similar to Cain, he is not hitting lefties. Yelich has 83 contact vs lefties despite the fact he is hitting .217 against them this year, don’t be surprised to see a downgrade here.

Evan Longoria 87 to 85 -2

3 gold downgrades in a row! This one also falls into the category of “struggling vs lefties”. Longoria rocks a 79 contact and 76 power vs lefties despite the fact he is hitting .200 with a .373 slugging vs southpaws. Expect a downgrade here, which would increase the price of Chris Archer.

Aaron Judge 83 to 86 +3

To see why I feel he will be upgraded, click here.

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