Season Preview: Denver Broncos, Five burning questions

1. Will the O line hold up: In John Elway’s time with the Denver Broncos he has been an excellent gm. If there is one place in which he struggles though it is getting quality offensive linemen. This offseason Elway went out and grabbed former Cowboys tackle Ronald Leary and drafted Garrett Bolles out of Utah. Both are good options on the o line but it is unclear if they will fit in. Elway believes the problem was o line coaching last year. The Broncos QB better hope he was right.
2. Will CJ Anderson Stay healthy: If Anderson stayed on the field for the entire year the Broncos would have made the playoffs. He dominated in the first five games of the season running for over four hundred yards. Devonte Booker is a good back up but disappointed as a starter last year. When Trevor Siemian performed best last year the running game was grinding.
3. Who will the Broncos Start at QB: Trevor Siemian proved he could be an effective NFL QB last year. However, John Elway is under heavy media scrutiny to start Paxton Lynch. Giving a first round QB two years on a bench is just something that doesn’t happen in today’s NFL. That being said the Broncos should stick with Siemian because of his experience and because of the fact he doesn’t turn the ball over. I would compare him to Alex Smith. More of my case for Siemian here
4. Will the Pass rush be able to be as dominant without Shane Ray and Demarcus Ware: Yes Von Miller is a beast and the Broncos secondary is the best in the league. With the retirement of Demarcus Ware and the recent injury of key young pass rusher Shane Ray, it has to be asked if the Broncos D will be as potent as in past years.
5. Will the Broncos be able to keep up with a stacked AFC West: I told myself as a Broncos fan to set my expectation low going into this season. But as I hear more and more good things about the QB and running game I’m starting to buy that maybe the Broncos can shock everyone and grab a wild card spot. It will be extremely difficult but if they can muster a decent enough record maybe just maybe they sneak in. Crazier things have happened.


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