Season Preview: Los Angeles Chargers, The Best Team In The AFC. A Rant That Turns Into A Preview.

The Chargers year last was more than strange. The year started slowly with several losses off field goal kicks and then picked up with an explosive five-week run ending with a loss to the Chiefs in December. So basically, a typical year for the Chargers. A team that is constantly cursed it seems. To give you an idea of what I mean the Chargers lost 5 games by one possession last year. They could have easily been 11-5 to 13-3 if a series of kicks go their way. I don’t know why but the Chargers always seem to bungle situations, that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked though. Ask anyone what the Chargers weakness is and all they will say is the Chargers are “cursed” that’s a convenient cop-out to turn a blind eye to hands down the best roster in the AFC.



Starting with QB. Phillip Rivers is a top ten QB year in and year out. Last year the vet threw 28 touchdowns and ten interceptions. If you don’t put him in the top ten you are blindly ignoring the fact the man has put up stats year in and year out. Sometimes wins aren’t what you measure QB greatness by. Look at his wins though, over the past five years Rivers has averaged 9 wins a year with stats like his he is no doubt a top ten QB. It isn’t Rivers fault the Chargers lose games.


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Then you look at the running back position for the Chargers. Melvin Gordon is a top ten fantasy back and a receiving threat out of the backfield for the Chargers. His health should no longer be a question after a full year last year and one in which he dominated as well. 1,105 yards on the ground last year paired with 476 yards receiving, why can’t this be the most dangerous offense in the league this year? Why can’t it?


melvin gordon

The receiving core is absolutely stacked for the Chargers. Keenan Allen is a top ten wideout and puts up numbers year in and year out. He has fought back from injury to regain the crown as one of the best receivers in the league. Then you add Mike Williams, a guy coming off of injury who was the best receiver in last years draft class. We haven’t seen Williams but he’s a big-bodied uber fast wideout with Deandre Hopkins like skill. If he can produce this passing attack is unstoppable. Throw in one of the best slot receivers in the league Travis Benjamin and you have zero holes in the passing game. Losing Hunter Henry hurt this team, but they have enough receiving talent outside of him to still have the most talented passing game in the AFC.


Let’s move to the defense. Ok here’s the one weakness. A mediocre linebacking core. That’s it, Denzel Perryman, that’s the only slight average on this team. Perryman isn’t elite, and the rest of the defense is. However, Perryman is also coming off a career year as hands down the best run stuffer on the team. That should put in perspective how good this defense is. Ok now to the rest of the defense. Joey Bosa, all pro. Melvin Ingram, all pro. Uchenna Nwosu highly touted pass rusher out of USC. Brandon Mebane, most underrated defensive linemen in the league. Hayes Pullard coming off a career year. That’s just the front seven the defense boast’s top ten corner, Casey Heyward who had 22 passes defensed and four interceptions last year, top five statistically. Jason Verrett returns from injury and you add the best safety in the draft in Derwin James. Yep hands down the best defense in the AFC.


Casey heyward

HEY SHEEPLE OPEN YOUR EYES! Stop using the Chargers are cursed cop out. Stop telling me this team is going 7-9. Get with reality folks this is hands down the best team in the AFC and they are Super Bowl contenders. Look at the roster, look at it. Stop going along with what all the talk show hosts feed you, this is the best roster in the AFC the best team in the AFC and they will win the division hands down.
Ceiling: 14-2
Record Prediction: 12-4


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