Three questions for the Seattle Seahawks season.

1. Will the Seahawks offensive line step it up?

The seahawk offensive line couldn’t protect Russell Wilson from a piece of dirt last year. It was as if there wasn’t an offensive line. Every game you would be left to question yourself: Will Russell Wilson survive the game? The answer last year would have been barely. If the Seahawks are going to get back to the Super Bowl the Offensive Line is going to have to step it up.

2. Is there anything left in the Legion of Boom tank?

Since current Falcons HC Dan Quinn (Former Seahawk DC) the legion of boom hasn’t been the same. Although their stats on the defensive side of the ball havn’t been effected since the departure. The crucial super bowl play call still has an effect on the team (The playcall for Russell Wilson to pass the ball over giving the ball to RB Marshawn Lynch). If the Seahawks are going to return to dominance on defense the Super Bowl play will need to be left on the side burner.

3. Can Pete Carroll control the personalities in the locker room?

That locker room has personalities that include Richard Sherman, Micheal Bennett. The Seahawks cannot let them overtake the team this year. Carroll cannot let them lash out whenever they feel it’s ok.

Written by: Chris Chastain


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