Should the DH be universal or abolished in MLB?

The topic of having a DH in the National League has been prevalent over the past few seasons. Pitchers hitting is a polarizing topic for a few reasons. There are two main schools of thought on this subject. The first school of thought is to get rid of the DH position and let pitchers hit. The other school of thought is to have a DH in both leagues. No matter what anyone thinks about this, what is certain is that having a different set of rules for the National League and for the American League is just stupid. 
The first school of thought is to let pitchers hit. We all know about the #pitcherswhorake movement, with guys such as Madison Bumgarner, Noah Syndergaard, and Jake Arrieta. These pitchers should be the convincing factor as to why pitchers should hit. These players are professional athletes, but they are not seen as equals to players like Bryce Harper when they’re at the plate. I’m not saying that Noah Syndergaard will hit over .300 with 30 HRs, but as athletes, they should be able to hit. Obviously there are some issues with this theory. The first issue is that pitchers who are paid millions of dollars per season, just for their arms shouldn’t be subjected to possible injury while hitting. Pitching is what helps teams win championships. Another issue is that pitchers aren’t taught to hit in the minor leagues and aren’t required to hit in the American League. Pitchers such as Bartolo Colon and Jon Lester are some of the worst hitting pitchers. Both have hit homers but they are automatic outs at least 90% of the time. If these pitchers are taught to hit, then we won’t laugh at Bartolo when his helmet flies off or at how slowly he jogs from home to first with the bat in his hand, because they won’t happen. Also, when a pitcher hits, teams will generally score fewer runs per game, which is not good, especially when winning is the sole objective of the game. 
Reasons in favor of the DH in both leagues will be coming out next week. 


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